7 Beautiful Backpacks for Backpacking in Style ...


7 Beautiful Backpacks for Backpacking in Style ...
7 Beautiful Backpacks for Backpacking in Style ...

Finding backpacks for backpacking doesn’t need to be a boring experience. Sometimes we get so swept up in the practicality of matters (okay, that is sort of important) we neglect the need to buy something we love! First, resist the temptation to buy something HUGE. Unless you are camping, the backpacks for backpacking you focus on don’t need to carry all the essentials you’d find on a Sherpa. You can buy a fashionable backpack, and still survive.

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LeSportsac Voyage Backpack

LeSportsac Voyage Backpack Let’s start with something funky. When it comes to a backpack, multiple pockets are essential for hygiene reasons. Trust me, when you move between places without a sniff of a washing machine, keeping your delicates separate from everything else becomes more and more important. Like all backpacks for backpacking, it fastens easy enough, but I would recommend using a padlock too for security purposes.


Mosey Convertible Backpack

Mosey Convertible Backpack I’ll be the first to admit that backpacks aren’t the securest of accessories. When you leave an item with all your worldly goods flailing around on your back, it is sort of open to abuse. This convertible backpack from Mosey transforms into a shoulder bag when you need it to. Face the zip of the bag in the direction you are walking, and it is a great thief deterrent.


Burton Treble Yell Pack

Burton Treble Yell Pack Do you need a little more room than the ‘fashion’ backpacks give? Then try this one from Burton. Thanks to the stripes, it doesn’t sacrifice style entirely. However, you only need to look at it to know it comes with an extra dose of practicality compared to the others. The extra room isn’t exceptionally roomy, but you do have more compartments for those all-important items.


Vivienne Westwood Squiggle Army Backpack

Vivienne Westwood Squiggle Army Backpack I have to admit, even though I am a massive fan of hers, I didn’t expect Vivienne Westwood to produce such a practical backpack! I love the squiggle design; it is incredibly retro, and definitely in line with recent 1970's trends. True to her usual flair, Vivienne Westwood has made the inside as beautiful as the outside. This rucksack really does make for true backpacking glam.


Fjallraven Rucksack

Fjallraven Rucksack I think Fjallraven deserve a round of applause for producing a backpack that is so clearly practical, but also very attractive. If you subscribe to the whole traveller-chic approach, this is a good way to bring out the best in your outfits. This backpack does have quite a manly edge but then, is that a bad thing? I don’t think so!


Obey Journey Backpack

Obey Journey Backpack Who doesn’t love bringing a laid back vibe to their usual outfits? That is exactly what this Obey backpack manages to achieve. This backpack looks deceptively small. However, once you push it to its maximum capacity, you can fit a surprising volume of essentials in there.


Filson Tin Cloth Backpack

Filson Tin Cloth Backpack I don’t know what it is that I love about this backpack. In many ways, I think of WWI trenches when I see it. So I am quite puzzled that I am attracted to it! I think it is the back to basics simplicity. Sometimes you don’t need to go OTT to look great.

When choosing the right backpack for your travels, do try to envisage what you want to take with you. If you plan carefully enough, you can take staples and get numerous outfits out of them. And trust me, cosmetics ain’t all that when you’re traveling. Do you think you could manage backpacking with just a small item?

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These are day sacks. The headliner photo is misleading along with a poorly suggestive article. I would never take anyone of the packs posted somewhere beyond city limits. Many companies make "cute" backpacks but the more important thing is they are designed for supporting heavy items while comfortably distributing the weight for extended day wear. All of my packs have a secret yet easily accessible, if you know where it is, sewed-in pouch while my smaller day hiking sack has a zipped/Velcro pouch on the interior waist strap and on the exterior part of the sack that would rest on the small of my back. I'm very disappointed in this article and the lack of research and common knowledge judgement put into it.

5,6,7 r My favs. Five b/c it's so just simple , six BC it's floral and seven BC it's simole

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