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7 Fabulous Designer Satchels That Will Earn You a Compliment or Two ...

By Laura

My love for designer satchels has gone so far that I feel the need to gawp over some of them in the form of a post. Long gone are the days when satchels were just for carrying your books to school. Designer satchels are glamorous, they are sexy, and sometimes they are even practical! There’s so many out there right now that choosing the most beautiful ones is hard, but I am going to give it a go.

1 Prada Girl Print Saffiano Satchel Bag

Prada Girl Print Saffiano Satchel BagFrom the blushing cheeks to the bright red lips, this is hands down one of the best designer satchels out there now. It takes a step away from everything that is ordinary through the medium of art. Granted, there isn’t a heck of a lot it will go with however, everyone needs that one item in their wardrobe that just needs to stand out!

2 Givenchy Lucrezia Satchel Bag

Givenchy Lucrezia Satchel BagThe chances of a white bag staying pristine are at around zero in my household. Still, there is nothing wrong with fantasizing when it comes to Givenchy. This satchel bag is so crisp, I doubt it would look out of place at Wimbledon. I love the way the red lining contrasts with the white main body!

3 Nancy Gonzales Floral Satchel

Nancy Gonzales Floral SatchelThe way those flowers pop on this Nancy Gonzales satchel is so precious! There are two compartments inside this bag, so it is definitely for those of us who are organized. As well as coming in white, you can purchase this bag in pink. Personally, I am more of a fan of the white version, as it helps the bag stay delicate.

4 Prada Daino Twin Pocket Satchel Bag

Prada Daino Twin Pocket Satchel BagIt’s only been in the last few weeks that I have discovered just how well navy works for me. Until then, I was a complete black devotee. If I could buy this Prada satchel, I would in an instant. To me, it oozes Parisian chic effortlessly.

5 Alexander Wang Rockie Dumbo Crossbody Satchel Bag in Rose Gold

Alexander Wang Rockie Dumbo Crossbody Satchel Bag in Rose GoldDesigners are trying SO hard to make metallic leather work this year. Like Regina George, I feel like telling them to stop making it happen, because it’s not going to happen. Then I see a bag like this, and I realise I am absolutely wrong. Metallic is hard to pull off, but Alexander Wang appears to have managed it just nicely.

6 Proenza Schouler Medium Satchel Bag in Red

Proenza Schouler Medium Satchel Bag in RedSometimes you just need a satchel to stay simple and true to its original form. That is just what Proenza Schouler manages to pull off. Taking the satchel back to basics, they make the most of red so you can adopt that back-to-school look. Even better, this is so beautifully simple you should be able to find a high street version.

7 Victoria Beckham Mini Soft

Victoria Beckham Mini SoftIf you like to travel light, a mini satchel can do the trick! I know Victoria Beckham is a designer, but I am so used to remembering her as a Spice Girl that I still feel a little surprised when I see one of her items. This bag was made in Italy, using French materials. Basically, it is seriously haute couture.

Designer satchels are great to gaze at lovingly as you imagine hanging them lovingly in your wardrobe. Naturally, we can’t all afford designer pieces! That’s okay, because many high street stores feature them in affordable formats. This means we can all own beautiful designer-like satchels. If you have a favorite satchel this season, what is it?

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