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Finding beautiful bags for under $50 may seem like an uphill challenge. On a daily basis we are surrounded by immaculate works of art from haute couture designers. As much as we would all love to own them, they’re a tad on the pricey side. You should be pleased to learn that bags for under $50 do exist, and yes they look beautiful. Here are seven I want in my wardrobe right now.

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Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are- $32

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are- $32 I don’t even own a dog, and I want this bag. I think it is the simplicity of it really. And the message? I guess it is a complex way of saying your dog thinks you’re awesome, so be awesome. This is one of those bags for under $50 that is great for slinging your junk into.


Aldo Seidenbeker- $40

Aldo Seidenbeker- $40 I love that this bag is (for whatever reason) practically wearing a scarf. Like a lot of people, I enjoy having stripes in my life. This bag comes with plenty of room, which is ideal for those of us who like to treat our bags as though we’re Mary Poppins. I also read somewhere that big bags are great for your frame!


Roxy Confetti- $42

Roxy Confetti- $42 I sort of forget from time to time that Roxy exists. I used to love wearing Roxy clothes as a teen, so it is delightful to find they produce bags that are well suited to us adults! I don’t know about anybody else, but I love long straps on bags. This one gives plenty of swinging room, and prevents you from feeling as though it has bunched under your arm!


Big Buddha Camilas- $39.95

Big Buddha Camilas- $39.95 We all need a great clutch in our lives! This one from Big Buddha is petite, but genuinely has lots of room inside for all your essentials. There are even separate compartments, making it ideal as a purse too! I love the patterns on the front too; they stop a black bag from being dull.


Nina Lovina- $40.99

Nina Lovina- $40.99 We all need a beautiful clutch for those nights out. This one from Nina should work perfectly with almost any outfit. It is cream and understated, with a dash of diamonds along the side for added glam. I love that it is nice and long too; it makes it easier to hold when you are dancing!


Aldo Athineum- $40

I don’t know what it is that I love so much about this bag, I am finding it really hard to pin down! For some reason, it feels as though it would be great for any summer day or evening out. Preferably with some form of formal wear. Blue is such an eclectic color, it can bring out the best in any outfit.


Roxy Explore $42

Roxy Explore $42 I am a firm believer that we all need a casual bag in our lives, but maybe that’s just because I like to travel! Casual bags don’t have to look immature, and this one from Roxy proves just that. Let this one hang across your body, and you can access everything within it easier. I am still at college, so I feel as though this one would be perfect for carrying my books around.

So it absolutely is possible to buy a great bag for under $50! In fact, when you aim for beauty at a lower cost, you can make your money go further and fill your wardrobe with bags. I usually carry bigger bags, but I am sure there are many petite ones out there for a great price too. If there is a particular bag you love for under $50, where is it from?

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1 and 7 r my favs

Love number 6!

I love Roxy bags! I own a pair or six


Only cute one is #6

The first one has a cute message but there is no sense in paying $30 for a plain tote with simple black font.

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