9 Fabulous Clutch Bags under $50 ...

Clutch Bags are a necessity, a fashion statement, a must have, a way to turn a relatively simple outfit into something really special! Big or small, neutral or colorful, funky or classy, for day or evening – clutch bags are as necessary as clothes, jewelry, shoes or makeup. So, for all of you clutch-lovers/collectors and all of you interested getting a new accessory for the season – here are the clutch bags I absolutely adore!

1. ALDO Multicolored Clutch

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Price: $45.00 at zappos.com
Oh-la-la! Now this is what a call a cute bag! I like the glossy finish, love the envelope design and absolutely adore both color combos! These two clutch bags could actually replace at least 10 others, not only because they are super-stylish, but also because you can start picking your shoes with a blindfold on and they will still match these bags!

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