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Spring 2014 bags seem to have something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of soft colors or dangerous neons, or maybe something in between, you will find a bag you adore and stay on trend. Many of the spring 2014 bags featured in this list have inspired me already! Keep your eye out for versions of them in various stores, and brighten your wardrobe up a little.

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The Tan Satchel

The Tan Satchel I am a massive fan of satchels, and there is no hiding that. This is my favorite of the spring 2014 bags trends, as it is so versatile. I am almost at the end of my college days (well, undergraduate college days), but I still think this one is a winner for taking to class. Tan bags are so easy to come by too, and usually have LOTS of room.


Snakeskin Bags

Snakeskin Bags I'm not a massive fan of real snakeskin. However, I am all for the faux versions! Snakes, unlike a lot of animals, are truly versatile. That means there is almost no end to the types of color and pattern combos you will find on a typical snakeskin bag. To me, the brighter they are, the better!


Animal Print Backpacks

Animal Print Backpacks Does anyone else suddenly breathe a sigh of relief when backpacks once again become marginally fashionable? This is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon things. I do love handbags, don't get me wrong. However, there is no denying the convenience of a great backpack. Weirdly, animal print is relevant this season!


Bright and Mini

Bright and Mini Mini bags are a happy compromise for me, between the backpack and the handbag. In many ways, they are more practical, as you can see where they are and who is near them! Bright mini bags that you can sling across your body on a night out are hot this season. So long as they have enough room for your lipstick, cell, and a wallet, they're great for a night out!


Studded Clutch

Studded Clutch Studded clutches, especially when they are HUGE, are great alternatives for those who do not like the whole bright and mini trend. I have seen studded clutches combined with skulls a lot, especially across the Alexander McQueen range. To me, simple old black and silver work just perfectly. However, I have seen some studded clutches go to the extreme!


Skull Bag

Skull Bag Speaking of Alexander McQueen and skulls...well it turns out they aren't the only ones embracing this trend! As you can see from the picture above, true to her flamboyant nature, Vivienne Westwood has taken the skull trend to the next level. This one is more 'warning a nuclear plant is due to explode' than the whole momento morti theme that others have made the most of, but then isn't it great to stand out? If you prefer your skulls as small accessories, don't worry, there is plenty of that sort of thing out there too!


Straw Bags

Straw Bags Do you like to be beside the seaside? Well if you do, embrace the whole straw bag theme going on at the moment. Of course you can use straw bags ANYWHERE! But to me, they will always be especially excellent around sand and waves. Sort of strangely, I quite like the smell of these things!

As you can see, bag trends for spring 2014 are varied. There's a little something for everyone. Those who love to go all punky can indulge in skull themes. If you prefer staying calm, try the straw bags. If you are enjoying a spring 2014 bag trend, what is it?

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Like you I carry satchels to college they have LOTS of room it's perfect!

the 4th bag!! luved it!?

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