9 Great Back-to-School Bags That Won't Break the Bank ...

A great everyday bag is a back-to-school essential. While the specifics of the ideal back-to-school bag may vary depending on different needs, some of the main things to consider include style, function, and price. You want a bag that looks good, is roomy enough to store all of your school essentials, and that won’t stretch your student budget! Check out these back-to-school bags that won’t break the bank.

1. Basic Black Bag

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A basic black bag isn’t just a great back-to-school bag; it’s a great everyday and every occasion bag. This slouchy black bag by New Look is a great choice as the basic design will work with a range of different outfits. It’s made from a leather look material, features a spacious inner compartment, and also has a secure zip top closure. It’s budget-friendly too, coming in at around $30.

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