7 Must-Own Bag Styles That We Should All Have ...


7 Must-Own Bag Styles That We Should All Have ...
7 Must-Own Bag Styles That We Should All Have ...

We all have that one everyday bag that we carry around with us and never put down, so I’m sure you want to know what I mean when I say must-own bag styles. Bags play an important role in our daily lives. There are all different styles that suite all different occasions. You may need an evening clutch or a tote to throw everything in to. No matter where you are going, what activities you will be participating in throughout the day, and what events you have in the future, there are a variety of must-own bag styles that are necessary for your closet.

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Clutches Clutches are perfect when running out and just need the essentials such as your phone, wallet, lip stick, and keys. Clutches are not only seen as handbags but give an important touch to your outfit and look. They speak about your personality. These handbags now come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and prints. Do not buy a clutch to buy one. Make sure it is a clutch that fits you and represents you. Clutches are the finishing touch to an evening gown, an accessory to your daily outfit, and a cosmetic purse to throw into your tote. A clutch is one of those the must-own bag styles!



Bag, Handbag, Product, Tote bag, Fashion accessory, I absolutely love totes. I am the type of girl to throw everything into my bag whether it be necessary or not. I carry gum, sanitizer, my wallet, keys, Advil, my phone - you name it, and I have it. Everyone always makes fun of me and yells at me for carrying around a huge tote, but when it comes down to it, whatever he or she may need, I have it. Totes may also be used as a brief case for both men and women. If a tote is large enough, you may be able to fit a computer, an iPad, a notepad, a few pens and pencils, and whatever other materials you may need for work or for classes. Totes always come in handy.


Beyond their spaciousness, totes are incredibly versatile. Crafted in a variety of materials from supple leather to eco-friendly canvas, each offers a unique style expressiveness. Whether you're heading out for a casual brunch or to a formal meeting, there's a tote to match the occasion. Plus, designers have blessed us with endless options—from bold prints to classic monochromes, ensuring your choice can make a statement or seamlessly blend in with your ensemble. It's more than just a carryall, it's a fashion staple that marries functionality with style.


Shoulder Bags

Triangle, Ornament, Cone, Fashion accessory, Oh, the typical shoulder bag. Women love to carry everything around. A shoulder bag is able to and can survive a wear and tear of use. It helps you carry all the essentials and more when running errands and it completes your outfit. Can you imagine your look without your shoulder bag? Shoulder bags are the perfect place to keep your crucial items. Your shoulder bag helps to coordinate your whole ensemble for the day. Along with matching your outfit and personality, another technique that is commonly seen and recommended is to match the belt with the bag. If you are going for a classic look, a shoulder bag is the perfect touch to finalize your outfit.


Cross-body Bags

Bag, Shoulder, Handbag, Brown, Tan, A cross-body bag is clearly designed to be worn on one shoulder and across the body. The unique style allows the wearer to benefit in a variety of ways. Cross-body bags allow your hands to be free. It is unlikely that the bag will fall off of your shoulder and therefore you do not need to constantly adjust like other shoulder bags. If you’re spending the day shopping, a cross-body bag is perfect since you can pretty much be worry free and forget about it until you are ready to get something in your bag. Cross-body bags are very fashionable as well. Similar to the clutch, it comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Cross-body bags are perfect for festivals and a whole bunch of different events that you will be out and about all day for.


Cross-body bags are a great option for those who want to keep their hands free while still having a stylish accessory. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes, making them suitable for almost any occasion. They are also great for outdoor activities, such as festivals, as they are unlikely to slip off your shoulder and require little to no adjusting. They are also perfect for shopping trips, as you can simply forget about the bag until you need to reach for something. Cross-body bags are a great addition to any wardrobe, and they are sure to provide you with both comfort and style.


Travel Bag

Suitcase, Baggage, Beige, Hand luggage, Bag, Travel bags are obviously good for traveling! Traveling has become a primary part of our daily lives and our lives in general. Whether it be for business, vacation, or some sort of retreat, people are traveling more and more. As traveling becomes more popular, so do travel bags. Travel bags are practical and at the same time flexible in catering to the demands of the person traveling. Travel bags provide security and stability for your personal belongings. The bags allow for rolling, since they have wheels, as well as carrying with its convenient straps. This is perfect for any traveling occasion.



Bag, Handbag, Hobo bag, Green, Fashion accessory, Hobo bags can be identified as a large or medium sized bag or purse in the shape of a crescent. Hobo bags have straps that are worn on the shoulder as opposed to holding the strap next to the hip in your hand. This style of bag tends to slouch or fold in on itself, which is the signature of the hobo bag. This bag allows for a bohemian look and is paired greatly with a pair of jean capris and loose top or a casual summer dress. If looking for a more formal look, a hobo bag can be paired with skinny pants, a fitted top, and heels or wedges. This bag is not only practical, but stylish too!


Fanny Packs

Shoulder, Bag, Joint, Tan, Orange, A fanny pack is basically a bag that has a long strap that goes around your waist. A fanny pack is perfect for when going to an amusement park, a music festival, an airport, or an outdoor activity. Although it is small, it fits the important items that you would need to carry around such as your wallet, passport, phone, chap-stick, keys, and other small personal items. Fanny packs are usually made of durable material so that you do not have to repurchase the pack after only a few wears. Along with durability, some of the fanny packs come with numerous pockets so that you can keep items separate, which will help keep you organized and not scrambling through an overcrowded pack like the normal handbag.

Handbags have become part of a personal image. A handbag is seen as a decoration to your outfit, so it is no surprise that nowadays more women are paying attention as to which bags to purchase and to keep in their closets. Your bag is something that stands out and is something that other people will notice when seeing you and meeting you. The benefits and the convenience of handbags continue on. Ranging from large travel bags to clutches, keeping your closest stocked with an assortment of handbags is imperative. Which handbags are on your must-own, must-have list?

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Fanny pack? Really?

The only bags I feel comfortable with are cross body bags as my hands are free and they just look so stylish for everyday use. I also like large shopper bags that can be used cross- body too. I prefer neutrals for bags (black, tan/brown/ cinnamon, grey) these go with every outfit.

Clutches is my favorite ones. Very classy

Can't wait to get rich.

Lovely :)

I usually see people with fanny packs when they travel or hike.



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