7 Classic Designer Bags Ideal for Business Women ...

By Jelena

7 Classic Designer Bags Ideal for Business Women ...

Designer bags for work are a world of their own – not so much a bold fashion statement as an investment with a fab ring to it! Let’s fact it ladies, our most favorite, best work bags do need to take a lot of beating, look great yet not too flashy and still manage to help us carry that constantly growing load of personal tech, paperwork and God knows what else! We want quality, we want fab, we want the glam without that pretentious glitz and, yes, with so many fantastic pieces available out there, who’s to say it’s an easy choice! And, although some bags can make a girl fall head over heels in a matter of mere seconds, there’s but a handful of those who can be names best work bags! These following seven are the ones I’d pick so check them out and tell me what you think:

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1 Prada Saffiano

With a top zipper compartment on each side ideal for organizing paperwork, a roomy central compartment as well as a side snap to make it even roomier if need be, Saffiano tote definitely deserves its place amongst the best designer bags for work. It’s perfectly constructed calf leather exterior available in many basic and bold shades is both perfectly classic without being old fashioned and perfectly trendy without the whole ostentatious vibe – an ideal way to complete your flawless pro getup in a way that says “perfectly groomed” instead of “deliberately flashy”. And if you’re looking for that perfect cross between a so-not-going-to-cut-it-medium and an oh-my-gosh-I-could-fit-at-three-year-old-inside-large, an ever-fab Saffiano is so worth dishing out almost $2,000 for!

2 Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM

Ethereally supple, super-useful and totally eye-catching in a very odd, kind of a non-intrusive way – this is one of a very few LV monogrammed pieces I actually like and would love to see hanging off my shoulder despite the fact that I so not on board the Louie train. The shape, the subtle glitz of that amazing hardware, the size and an oh-so-practical detachable shoulder strap –it all adds up proving that we’re looking at a serious candidate for not just the best work bag ready to “eat up” a truckload of daily necessities, must-have tech, standard workload and a healthy lunch as a bonus but a bag you can pretty much sport around day in, day out. Not a bad deal at all, especially considering the fact that $2,500 will, in this case, buy you a lot more than just a new office buddy.

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3 Mulberry Bayswater

This timeless, super-popular classic is a no-brainer and, according to some, a textbook example of what a great designer bag for work should look like. It’s a bit on the heavy side which might be a problem in case you often pack heavy but this definitely adds to the look, feel and, of course, quality turning this luxurious must-have into so much more than a whim! Yup, my ladies, this piece of gorgeousness is an investment, a classically beautiful, non-flashy staple you’ll get to enjoy even in the most conservative of environments! Oh, and with a price tag of roughly $1,000, it sure is a lot friendlier to the budget, especially when compared to the first two.

4 Michael Kors Quilted Hamilton Tote

Speaking about designer bags for work that are so worth of a second and even a third look, here’s one you’ll definitely fall in love with for so many reasons! Quilted patent leather and shiny hardware will definitely satisfy your cravings for a bit of that extra, daytime appropriate glam, its construction proving to be a step up in the right direction considering the awkward slouchiness of a standard Hamilton. This is a really large one, ladies, and with a price tag of roughly $400, quite a reasonably priced one too, if I may add!

5 Louis Vuitton Alma Epi

Okay, well so much for me not being down with the Grandpa Fabulous’s stuff – here’s another fantastic Louis Vuitton bag I’d so love to own! Rating very high on my list of must have designer bags it really is everything best work bag should be like – I love its shape, all the fantastic colors this beauty is available in and the fact that it’s actually very low key despite its iconic shape. Its price tag of $2,100 might seem like a lot comparing to the previous one but hey, we’re talking about a bag you’re going to come back to for years to come!

6 Celine Luggage Totes

Being a young pro working in an environment which, as creative as it may be, does have certain dress code rules and preferences doesn’t have to mean you’re going to settle for a bag that’s in any way less than you deserve. And in case these previous designer bags for work looked a bit plain to you, you’ll definitely love the funky design of this IT bag. Celine has definitely hit the gold mine with this beauty, giving a standard tote a radically new look that managed to attract massive attention! The grand total - anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500. The joy - priceless!

7 Proenza Schouler PS1

Oh, and speaking about best work bags for all of you casually chic folks out there – what do you say about this one? What an absolutely fantastic way to make sure all of your precious belongings are with you and at hand at all times! This fab, supple yet sturdy messenger style bag is something you’ll really get to use a lot both on and off duty! And in case you already own a Mulberry Alexa and are contemplating your next purchase, definitely consider saving up $2,000 for a much loved PS1!

Which are your most loved designer bags for work and what would be your take on the best work bag? Are you a classic type shooting straight to those fool-proof, never-to-get-out-of-style items or you prefer your bags with a bit of a trendy twist?

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