7 Classic Designer Bags Ideal for Business Women ...

Designer bags for work are a world of their own – not so much a bold fashion statement as an investment with a fab ring to it! Let’s fact it ladies, our most favorite, best work bags do need to take a lot of beating, look great yet not too flashy and still manage to help us carry that constantly growing load of personal tech, paperwork and God knows what else! We want quality, we want fab, we want the glam without that pretentious glitz and, yes, with so many fantastic pieces available out there, who’s to say it’s an easy choice! And, although some bags can make a girl fall head over heels in a matter of mere seconds, there’s but a handful of those who can be names best work bags! These following seven are the ones I’d pick so check them out and tell me what you think:

1. Prada Saffiano

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With a top zipper compartment on each side ideal for organizing paperwork, a roomy central compartment as well as a side snap to make it even roomier if need be, Saffiano tote definitely deserves its place amongst the best designer bags for work. It’s perfectly constructed calf leather exterior available in many basic and bold shades is both perfectly classic without being old fashioned and perfectly trendy without the whole ostentatious vibe – an ideal way to complete your flawless pro getup in a way that says “perfectly groomed” instead of “deliberately flashy”. And if you’re looking for that perfect cross between a so-not-going-to-cut-it-medium and an oh-my-gosh-I-could-fit-at-three-year-old-inside-large, an ever-fab Saffiano is so worth dishing out almost $2,000 for!

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