9 Hottest Bag Trends of This Season ...


9 Hottest Bag Trends of This Season ...
9 Hottest Bag Trends of This Season ...

Bag Trends vary depending on the season. From oversized ‘it’ bags to minimalist and understated designs, we’ve seen bag trends come and go. While some fashion advisors place an emphasis on choosing timeless handbag designs, I still think there’s room for experimenting with fun new trends. Below are a few of the hottest bag trends for you to try out this season.

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Mini The mini bag is the fun-sized member of the handbag family this season. To make sure that your mini bag stands out, choose one in a bright colour. With enough room to hold only the essentials, the mini bag is not for those who are accustomed to carrying their lives in their handbags.



Satchel The old-school satchel is enjoying a new lease on life. Large or small, neutral or coloured, the satchel is a must have in any contemporary wardrobe. One of the most coveted satchel designs is from the Cambridge Satchel Company. The look is very vintage meets modern.



Boxy This season, keep an eye out for bags with boxy structured silhouettes. This bag trend is a refreshing change from slouchy, hobo-style handbags. If you are choosing a larger sized boxy bag, make sure it has grab handles at the top. Being able to carry it by the handles is a great option for when it gets to heavy to carry on your shoulder.



Neon Neon colours are making a comeback. To incorporate this trend into your everyday look, try a neon handbag. Clean, streamlined bags are the best for carrying off this trend. Small clutches are great for a fun evening look, while satchel style bags are great for the every day.



Minimal/Streamlined Gone are the days of overly adorned handbags and gaudy logos. It’s all about streamlined minimalism this season. From shoulder bags to shoppers to clutches, it’s all about a fuss-free yet functional design. These are the bags that will last you year in and year out.



See-through Ever wondered what all those stylish ladies carry around in their handbags? Well, the wait is over because clear bags are gaining popularity. Obviously, these bags are suited to those with a penchant for tidiness and wanting to show off their most covetable possessions.



Patterned Add interest to your outfit in the form of a patterned bag. There are really no limits when it comes to this bag trend. Tribal-inspired prints are an on-trend choice but you also can’t go past classic black and white geometric shapes. You can go for something as crazy or as subdued as you prefer.


Colour Blocked

Colour Blocked To lazy to try colour blocking? Well, don’t worry because a colour blocked bag will take all the hassle out of it for you. The premise is simple – choose a handbag that contains two or more colours. Whether the colours clash or complement each other, it’s a bag trend that is guaranteed to get heads turning.


Animal Print

Animal Print Animal prints are everywhere this season. Bags are just one place where you’ll find them. From mock croc to trusty leopard print, there’s an animal print for every occasion. Keep the animal print to a minimum though, and team your printed bag with a fairly neutral outfit.

As you can see, there are more than enough bag trends to get you through the season. From loud and lairy patterns to modern fuss-free designs, there’s a little something for everyone. Which of these bag trends do you like best?

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