Streetstyle Tips for Carrying a Messenger Bag ...

By Eliza

Streetstyle Tips for Carrying a Messenger Bag ...

A messenger bag is the ideal choice because they look pretty cool and they are totally handy to have around. You can fit a lot of stuff into one and they can be a go-to when your purse isn't big enough to carry it all. Need some inspiration? I think you'll find it here.

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A Perfect Choice

A Perfect Choice A messenger bag doesn't have to look like a briefcase.


For the Office

For the Office Everything going on here is absolutely ideal for going to work.


Keep It Neutral

Keep It Neutral A great neutral messenger bag is perfect for pairing with all of your favorite outfits.


All Black

All Black This great bag will make any outfit.


Ready for Anything

Ready for Anything This one looks good casual or dressed up.

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Casual Design

Casual Design This casual messenger bag is great for days off.


Fun Details

Fun Details Make like Jennifer Aniston and choose a messenger bag with lots of zippers or other details.


With a Cute Outfit

With a Cute Outfit This proves that you can wear just about anything with a messenger bag.


Designer Style

Designer Style If you can afford the splurge, you will love the look and quality of a designer bag.


Paired with Denim

Paired with Denim This is one of my favorite looks, what about you?


Something Colorful

Something Colorful A fun colorful messenger bag is a great addition to your collection.


Check This out

Check This out There's nothing not to love about this cute outfit.


Perfect for Travel

Perfect for Travel Your messenger bag is the trendiest way to travel!


Dress and Boots

Dress and Boots Here's a great outfit for brunch or shopping.


Something Fuzzy

Something Fuzzy It doesn't get any more perfect than this!


On the Go

On the Go A messenger bag is great for your busy lifestyle.


Check This out

Check This out What's not to love about this?


Out on the Town

Out on the Town Here's an outfit that would definitely turn some heads.


Pick a Fun Color

Pick a Fun Color A fun colored messenger bag will make any day a bit better.


The Ultimate Outfit

The Ultimate Outfit I can't think of anything that gets better than this outfit. Can you?


So Cute

So Cute This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Which outfit is your favorite? What does your messenger bag look like?

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