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Affordable Bags That Look like Luxury Bags ...

By Teresa

Everyone loves bags that look super expensive, but very few people love the expensive price tag that comes along with it. If you’re one of the girls who loves purses but for a good deal, you simply must check out these purses. They’ll inspire your own style, and I’m almost positive that you’ll want to check out a few of these for yourself! They’re all great deals, and they’re super hard to pass up!

1 Faux Leather Satchel

Faux Leather Satchel
The light pink color of the satchel with the rose gold metal accents make this purse look like it came from a huge designer, but it really only costs $29.90!

2 Faux Leather Crossbody

Faux Leather Crossbody
If you don’t love that style of purse, go for this one instead. The crossbody style is so in style right now, and the chunky metal accents look so high fashion! Plus, this purse is only $22.90!

3 Chained Faux Leather Crossbody

Chained Faux Leather Crossbody
The tan color of this purse looks so expensive but it’s only $19.90! The chain is also great, and I love the minimal design of the purse!

4 Mini Faux Leather Crossbody

Mini Faux Leather Crossbody
Don’t you just love the contrast of the metal against the black? It looks like it’s so expensive and belongs on a runway! In reality, this purse only costs $24.90!

5 Faux Leather Satchel

Faux Leather Satchel
I just love the simple design of this purse! It’s only accentuated by the cream color it comes in, and for $24.90 it’s an insanely good deal!

6 Textured Faux Leather Crossbody

Textured Faux Leather Crossbody
This purse looks just like one that they sell at Kate Spade! I love the baby pink shade that the purse comes in, the black stitching, and the simple design! Plus, it’s only $22.90! You can’t beat that deal!

7 Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

Faux Leather Shoulder Bag
Aren’t you obsessed with the unique design of this shoulder bag? It’s so simple and minimalistic but so gorgeous! It’s a great style that you don’t see often, and it’s only $27.90!

8 Faux Leather Trapeze Satchel

Faux Leather Trapeze Satchel
The trapeze look of this purse is absolutely gorgeous, and the satchel is just so beautiful! I love how classic it is! If you’re looking for a classic purse, this one is only $29.90, and you can’t get better than that!

9 Faux Leather Crossbody

Faux Leather Crossbody
The round bottom of this purse is so beautiful! I’m obsessed with this entire purse, but the simple chain against the pink purse is absolutely stunning! If you’re looking for a simple pink purse, this $19.90 purse is the way to go!

10 Black Faux Leather Crossbody

Black Faux Leather Crossbody
The bar across this purse is so on trend right now, but it’s such a hard style to find! Forever 21 just made it super easy with this $24.90 purse! If you’re looking for a simple but trendy purse, this is the way to go!

11 Cream Faux Leather Satchel

Cream Faux Leather Satchel
This purse is so on trend right now, but it’s so expensive everywhere else! This style is one of the biggest purse trends of the year, but it’s only $32.90! What a deal, right?

Do you love any of these purses? Are you going to add any to your repertoire? Let me know which purse you loved the most in the comments!

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