These Are the Handbags Vogue Went Crazy for ...

By Neecey

These Are the Handbags Vogue Went Crazy for ...

If you’re looking for a new handbag, the editors at Vogue have some great ideas for their favorite spring buys. Naturally, they have picked designer bags but remember, you can always find similar styles on the high street / in the mall.

Table of contents:

  1. a.p.c. james bag
  2. nina ricci marche small leather tote
  3. undercover backpack
  4. gucci xl leather tote
  5. 3.1 philip lim white leather allix mini bag
  6. louis vuitton nano speedy purse
  7. hermes birkin grizzly suede bag
  8. loewe small puzzle bag in red
  9. j.w. anderson aqua pouch bag
  10. celine bucket bag
  11. saint laurent small basket bag
  12. gucci dionysus gg supreme embroidered bag
  13. trademark sorrento bucket bag
  14. marc jacobs embroidered python shoulder bag
  15. simon miller banyan basket bucket bag
  16. mansur gavriel white backpack
  17. the tow canvas and leather market tote bag

1 A.P.C. James Bag

Vogue Runway director Nicole Phelps chose this simple but essential James bag. The simplicity of the design and cleanness of the shape particularly appealed to her. Small but effective!

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2 Nina Ricci Marche Small Leather Tote

Managing editor Alex Macon thinks white is the must have color this spring and summer, and what could be cuter to carry off the trend than this small leather tote with gold accent.

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3 Undercover Backpack

Creative Digital director Sally Singer chose this quirkily shaped Undercover backpack as her favorite for the season. Reminiscent of a castle with fabric turrets, it’s perfect for standing out from the crowd.

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4 Gucci XL Leather Tote

Fashion editor Jorden Bickham thinks that a bold, bright bag is the way to go this season, and her choice of this XL leather tote from Gucci in garish red proves the point perfectly!

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5 3.1 Philip Lim White Leather Allix Mini Bag

News director Chioma Nnadi isn’t a big fan of handbags, so she has opted for this delightful mini bag as her seasonal choice, with a chunky paper clip closure that adds some modern style to a cream classic.

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6 Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy Purse

Assistant market editor Annie Choi thinks that the iconic logo of Louis Vuitton will give you a hint of the fashionista, but not over the top due to the quaint size and shape of the purse.

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7 Hermes Birkin Grizzly Suede Bag

Style editor Edward Barsamian thinks that rare is the way to go, and he has his eye on this amazing grizzly Birkin bag in suede. (Faint at the price tag!)

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8 Loewe Small Puzzle Bag in Red

Photo producer Sophia Li can’t get enough of the quirky trapezoid shape of this puzzle bag; small in size but big on idea and impact!

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9 J.W. Anderson Aqua Pouch Bag

News writer Steff Yotka enjoys it when fashion and play come together to make some stylish and fun, and this is perfectly showcased in the choice of a versatile pouch bag.

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10 Celine Bucket Bag

Market assistant Elizabeth Taufield has exclusive tastes, and this Celine bucket bag is currently one of the most sought after accessories you could hope to get your hands on.

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11 Saint Laurent Small Basket Bag

Archive editor Laird Borrelli-Persson likes that there is something of an Easter connotation with this small basket bag, very fitting for that time of year.

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12 Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Embroidered Bag

According to beauty assistant Jenna Rennert, bolder is better, and this stunning Gucci bag with vivid embroidery is perfect for both day and evening events.

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13 Trademark Sorrento Bucket Bag

Social editor Chloe Malle thinks that the Sorrento bucket bag is the perfect accessory to add some designer style to your spring/summer outfits.

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14 Marc Jacobs Embroidered Python Shoulder Bag

Fashion news writer Kristin Anderson has chosen this playful bag by Marc Jacobs that features a number of fun patches including sunglasses and swans.

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15 Simon Miller Banyan Basket Bucket Bag

Photo editor Emily Rosser enjoys the simplicity of this bag; a perfect accompaniment to the freshness of the spring season.

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16 Mansur Gavriel White Backpack

For beauty writer Monica Kim, the great thing about spring is being able to swap a heavy winter bag for a refreshing light backpack like this one.

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17 The Tow Canvas and Leather Market Tote Bag

Accessories editor Brooke Danielson feels that this beautiful tote is exactly the bag that she needs for carrying all of her essential across the city to work every day.

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