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Whenever you see photos of celebrities you can pretty much bet that everything they’re wearing from head-to-toe has been precisely styled so they look like a million bucks. From jackets to sunglasses to bags, celebs really know how to flaunt it and they know just how to show off their latest acquisitions. Take a cue from some of our favorite celebrities and learn some of their best tips to carry their bag so you too can style your bag like a celebrity and revamp your look!

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The Cover-up

hair, clothing, lady, blond, girl, Do you ever have those moments when you step out of the house only to later find out your skirt or shorts are a little too short? Or maybe you want to conceal your crop top or a potential camel toe (eek!) and you need a quick cover-up. In either situation, you can easily use your purse in front of the area you want to conceal so you can get away from the paps or your parents without a hitch. Kylie Jenner has this pose locked down with her mini Birkin.


The Casual over-the-Shoulder

fashion, fashion show, supermodel, dress, runway, Zoe Kravitz is one of the most stylish celebs around and I love her effortlessly cool looks. Who better than her to show us that throwing your bag over your shoulder is a chic and functional way to wear a larger-sized bag. This large satchel perfectly balances the oversized sweater and her bare legs. Now she’s got both of her hands free to mix and mingle!


Zoe Kravitz is a well-known actress and singer, known for her effortless and edgy sense of style. In this photo, she is attending a fashion show, which is a perfect setting to showcase her fashion-forward looks. She demonstrates how to carry a larger-sized bag in a chic and functional way by throwing it over her shoulder. This not only adds a stylish touch to her outfit, but also allows her to have her hands free to socialize at the event. This tip is especially useful for those attending events or parties where you want to look fashionable but also need to have your hands free for drinks or food.


The Side Clutch

clothing, fashion, little black dress, spring, fashion show, Selena Gomez opts to keep her shoulder bag close by and tucking it by the side of her hip. I am so feeling this look because this flawlessly allows her to keep her coat casually draped over her shoulders while showing off her denim skirt and animal-print heels. The print-on-print action from her bag and shoes is also a nice touch compared to the classic button-down and denim skirt.


The Center of Attention

clothing, spring, dress, fashion, leather, Chrissy Teigen is another frequently photographed celeb who always rocks the best bags and accessories. In this photo, Chrissy wears a neutral-colored sweater dress with bell sleeves and a small but stylish little wristlet with gold hardware that provides a pop of posh in her otherwise monochromatic look. Notice how Chrissy gently cradles the small bag in front so all eyes can see the details.


The Dangle

clothing, fashion, fashion show, spring, costume, Rihanna isn’t one to shy away from edgy fashion trends or creating new ones, so when we caught a glimpse of Riri rocking a Dior bag around her neck, we took notice. If you recall, Rihanna created a stir before when she was photographed carrying not one but two Dior bags. So, whether your arms are tired or you need your hands free for drinks, this is definitely a new and unique way to carry your purse!


The Side Hustle

clothing, black, lady, fashion, footwear, Bella Hadid rushes away from the paps wearing some chic athleisure gear while clutching her yellow Chanel backpack on her side. If this isn’t the perfect balance between high and low, I don’t know what is! She’s got the super luxe Chanel bag paired with a sporty Givenchy snapback, fitted cropped tee, and Adidas pants. This is the best way to grab your bag and go when you’re on the move!


The Crossbody

clothing, footwear, road, fashion, street, Cross body bags are a must-have in every girl’s closet not just for fashion but function. Jessica Alba shows us you can wear a heavy coat and tote without overwhelming her small frame with a medium-sized crossbody bag slung to the side. Give this look a go when you’ve got your hands full or just to show off your outfit.


The under Arm Tuck

clothing, footwear, tights, fashion, thigh, Clutches are stylish and a great option when you don't want to lug around a big bag. The easiest way to carry a clutch is to tuck it under your armpit like Ashley Graham. This leaves her free to multitask like her so you can carry your bag, book, and text while you're hitting the town!


The Ladylike Grab

black, clothing, footwear, little black dress, leather, Some backpacks are so fab, they need to be captured with the outfit. In Emma Watson's case, she lightly grasps her chic, oversized backpack which nicely complements her flowy top and skinny jeans.


The Crook-of-the Arm

clothing, outerwear, sleeve, coat, footwear, When you've got a handbag, there are typically one of two ways to carry it, one hand on the handle or in the crook of the arm. Rosie Huntington-Whitely carries her camel-colored bag in the crook of her arm which is classic and ladylike and leaves her free to chat on her phone.


The Lace-it-through-the-fingers

clothing, little black dress, dress, flooring, sleeve, A little statement bag is all it takes to elevate your LBD. Laverne Cox stuns in this long, sheer number and she lightly laces her fingers through her bag for a graceful yet effortless way to show off her bag. It's a celeb's way of saying, "Oh, this 'ol thing?"


The Mom-to-be

red, hair, clothing, woman, lady, The two-finger grab is the perfect way to tote a mini purse while you carry your phone in your hand. Expectant mom Blac Chyna rocks a fitted tie dye dress with a white mini satchel while she's on the go.


The Hide-the-Baby-Bump

red, Celebs frequently use purses or creatively wear high waisted tops to conceal baby bumps. Here we see Kate Middleton trying to conceal her growing baby bump during her second pregnancy by strategically placing her clutch in front.


The Handful

people, fashion, ill, Ever the trendsetter, Rihanna makes this list twice! In this pic, Rihanna rocks the Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry Twisted Box Bag. The bag is small but mighty (fashion-wise) and grabs it with one hand and while keeping her coat close by.


The Two-handed Clutch

clothing, red, beauty, pattern, dress, If you're taking a photo, do like Shay Mitchell and us two hands to clutch your clutch so you have something to with your hands and you nicely frame the bag in the shot.

Now you know how to carry your bag like a celebrity! How do you carry your bag?

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