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The Most Expensive Handbags in the World to Have You Drooling ...

By Neecey

When it comes to handbags, I buck the trend. Unlike most women, I would rather never have to carry one. When I do, it’s the smallest I can get away with. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them as a great accessory for anyone else. Some women are prepared to invest heavily in a handbag but there are very few that can afford the most expensive handbags in the world. Ready for some jaw dropping handbags?

1 Mouawad

MouawadComing at the top of the list of the most expensive handbags in the world is this unbelievable creation from Mouawad. The brand’s headquarters is in Dubai and they specialize in making bags for the world’s richest and most famous ladies. Studded with diamonds and gold it can be yours for just $3.8 million! It is listed in the Guinness Book of World records as the most valuable bag on Earth!

2 Chanel

ChanelChanel is one of the world’s most iconic fashion brands, and for a mere $261,000 you could be the lucky owner of a branded handbag that boasts diamond and gold embellishments. Could you ever leave the house with it around your arm? I would be too scared of damaging it!

3 Hermes

HermesAnother iconic French fashion label, Hermes was founded in 1837 and specializes in bags, watches and shoes. Taking pride of place in their handbag collection is a rare crocodile Birkin bag with diamond studding that will set you back a tidy £120,00, that’s $100,000 dollars more than a non-studded Birkin bag!

4 Lana Marks

Lana MarksThe world famous Lana Marks brand is famous for its amazing leather products and has fans including Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet. It’s most prized product is a Cleopatra clutch that is studded with nearly 1500 diamonds, and when it went to auction it was bought for a staggering $100,000, a world record price at that time.

5 Judith Leiber

Judith LeiberJudith Leiber is a handbag brand that comes out of Hungary and was founded in 1963. Many of their accessories are studded with jewels and crystals, with their most expensive bag being a rose shaped purse that is adorned with gold and diamonds. Yours for just $90,000!

6 Louis Vuitton

Louis VuittonThe world famous handbag brand always screams luxury and opulence, but they took it to the next level with a particular alligator waterproof bag that sold at auction for an unbelievable $55,000. Louis Vuitton bags continue to be some of the most sought after accessories on the market.

7 Marc Jacobs

Marc JacobsOne of the USA’s most famous brands, the apple of Marc Jacob’s handbag eye is most definitely the famous Carolyn Crocodile bag that once sold for a cool $50,000 at auction. It really pays off to have killer design skills!

8 Hilde Pallidino

Hilde PallidinoHilde Pallidino is a brand that hails from Norway. In 2011 the brand released a purse that was studded with forty rare diamonds which boosted its price to just over $38,000. It’s positively a steal compared to a Hermes or a Chanel, but still out of all of our reaches!

9 Fendi

FendiThis Italian brand was always a favorite of the Sex and The City girls, and they pride themselves on only manufacturing from the very best materials like lambskin and crocodile skin. One of their most popular bags once sold for $28,000, a good price if you have that kind of cash to throw around!

10 Prada

PradaPrada is one of Italy’s most famous fashion brands, and though their bags do not scale the ridiculous heights of Mouawad or Judith Leiber, they are still very sought after and if you come in to a little bit of extra money, you could grab a Prada bag of your very own for around $3,500 or you could spend $10,800 for an Ostrich Double Tote.

What’s the most you have spent on a handbag?

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