The Cutest Beach Bags That You Can Carry Anywhere ...


Let's see: keys, towel, snacks, sunblock, lip gloss, sunglasses... that's a lot of stuff to carry with you to the beach, so why not use a super-cute and handy little beach bag? There are loads to choose from, and they're all perfect for carrying all of the things a mermaid needs at the beach. Here are a few of my faves.

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M Missoni Beach Bag

M Missoni Beach Bag Price: $195 at
This roomy bag features a top zip, flat top handles, and a small inner pocket with a zipper to keep all your stuff secure.


Roxy Another Spot Beach Bag

Roxy Another Spot Beach Bag Price: $34 at
Available in two fun prints, this beach bag has a magnet closure and sturdy braided handles.


6 Shore Road by Pooja Sunset Beach Bag

6 Shore Road by Pooja Sunset Beach Bag Price: $154 at
This beach bag is so gorgeous, you'll want to carry it everywhere, all summer long! It comes in 4 sweet shades.


Roxy Butternut Beach Bag

Roxy Butternut Beach Bag Price: $46 at
This bag reminds me so much of the one my aunties used to bring to the beach! It's made of braided paper straw so it's sturdy, too.


Dakine Beach Bum

Dakine Beach Bum Price: $35 at
This polyester bag is more about function than cuteness, so it's for more of a serious beach-goer with actual gear to carry.

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Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach Tote

Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach Tote Price: $68 at
This beach bag comes in two fun prints, but I prefer the lobster one because it's just so different!


Roxy Another Beach Tote

Roxy Another Beach Tote Price: $48 at
Yes, another beach bag by Roxy, but they really do know how to make a good tote, don't they? This one's roomy enough for an entire weekend at the beach.


Roxy Need It Now Beach Tote

Roxy Need It Now Beach Tote Price: $38 at
Who doesn't agree with this sentiment, that paradise is only a beach away? Let's find out.


Nixon Beach Tote

Nixon Beach Tote Price: $35 at
Sometimes simple is best, like the straight-forward and streamlined design of this basic black beach tote.


Vans Sophia Tote

Vans Sophia Tote Price: $44.50 at
I love the fun print, and the front outside pocket is perfect for stowing your phone!


Hat Attack Ibiza Tote

Hat Attack Ibiza Tote Price: $120 at
This woven raffia tote might even match your favorite sun hat. Score!


Lucky Brand Indie Beach Tote

Lucky Brand Indie Beach Tote Price: $108 at
This cotton-linen blend bag can hold all your summer essentials, and the ikat-diamond print is fun, too.


Hat Attack Perfect Canvas Beach Tote

Hat Attack Perfect Canvas Beach Tote Price: $98 at
Nothing says "nautical" like red stripes and a knotted rope handle... if red's not your thing, no worries. This bag also comes in navy.


Marc by Marc Jacobs St. Tropez Beach Tote

Marc by Marc Jacobs St. Tropez Beach Tote Price: $348 at
This bag is so fancy, you'll want to use it for all of your summer day trips, not just the trips to the beach.


Roxy It Favorite

Roxy It Favorite Price: $44 at
This bag also comes in two sea-inspired prints, and both bags feature a top-zip closure for extra security.


Burton Keystone Tote Small

Burton Keystone Tote Small Price: $49.95 at
Maybe you don't need a huge tote, and if that's the case, this smaller beach bag might be just the thing.


Roxy Boho Party Tote

Roxy Boho Party Tote Price: $52 at
Choose from a light bag or a dark bag in this summer print, then add your beach gear and you're ready for a day of fun in the sun.


KAVU Keepalong

KAVU Keepalong Price: $35 at
I love the bright design on this bag - it makes it easy to spot in the trunk of your car and on the beach blanket.


Volcom Desert Daze Carryall

Volcom Desert Daze Carryall Price: $64 at
Is there anything you'd ever need for the beach that wouldn't fit inside this giant bag?


Vans Carmel Cooler Tote

Vans Carmel Cooler Tote Price: $65 at
Don't forget the snacks and cold drinks! Keep all the munchies for your beach trip inside this funky-print cooler bag.


Frye Peyton Perf Tote

Frye Peyton Perf Tote Price: $398 at
Find what you're looking for inside your tote without having to rummage through it, thanks to the wide-weave mesh design of this bag.

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I like the Chanel one in the top picture much more than any of the others :)

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