The Cutest Luggage You'll Ever Need for Any of Your Summer Travels ...

By Eliza

The Cutest Luggage You'll Ever Need for Any of Your Summer Travels ...

When you go on vacation, it's obvious that you'll need to bring stuff with you. Having some adorable luggage makes it fun to get packed for your vacay. You definitely want something cute, but your luggage needs to be functional too. Whether you're heading to the nearest campsite or you'll be touring European castles for several weeks, you are sure to find luggage here that you'll want to take along with you.

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1 Black Quilted Roller Bag

Black Quilted Roller Bag

2 Basic Weekender in Pink

Basic Weekender in Pink

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3 Hard Backed Suitcase in Floral

Hard Backed Suitcase in Floral

4 Giant Trunk for Long Trips

Giant Trunk for Long Trips

5 Fun and Flirty

Fun and Flirty

6 For Your Paris Vacay

For Your Paris Vacay

7 Travel Duffel

Travel Duffel

8 Basic Wheeled Suitcase

Basic Wheeled Suitcase

9 Try Something White

Try Something White

10 Batman Luggage

Batman Luggage

11 Something Purple

Something Purple

12 Guess Logo Bag

Guess Logo Bag

13 Neutral Brown Roller

Neutral Brown Roller

14 Make It Your Own

Make It Your Own

15 Michigan State

Michigan State $153.00

16 Orange Mini Suitcase

Orange Mini Suitcase

17 Pink Details

Pink Details

18 A Whole Set

A Whole Set

19 Fun Spinner Bag

Fun Spinner Bag

20 Large and Durable

Large and Durable

21 For a Backpacking Trip

For a Backpacking Trip

Which one do you love? A cute suitcase make packing less of a chore and makes your trip more exciting. Where are you going this summer?

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The blue one is lovely different

Cute but pricey

Too expensive for me

So expensive

i got the Moschino one, it was expensive but so worth it!

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