7 Smart but Fabulous Bags for Work ...


7 Smart but Fabulous Bags for Work ...
7 Smart but Fabulous Bags for Work ...

Is it time you bought yourself a new bag for work? Your work bag needs to be both stylish and practical, so that you can carry everything you need while still looking smart and businesslike. So how do you choose the right bag for your professional image? I've picked out some styles to give you inspiration …

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Michael Kors

Michael Kors If you always buy neutral bags for work, then think again! A colorful bag can look every bit as stylish and work-appropriate. The key is to choose a simple but smart design in quality materials. This will provide a stylish contrast with your work clothes, especially if you wear a suit. A red/coral shade like this bag is worth the investment if you want a bag that won't date.


A Michael Kors bag embodies both elegance and practicality, suitable for the sophisticated professional. Imagine slipping your laptop into a sleek satchel that not only protects it but accessorizes your ensemble. The beauty of a high-quality bag is its timelessness—consider it an investment in your personal brand. Plus, the right bag can easily transition from day to night, ideal for after-work events. Embrace bold colors; they can be your statement piece that speaks volumes about your confidence and sense of style.


Sole Society

Sole Society Who says color blocking is only for dresses? A color block bag will bring your work wardrobe bang up to date. And if you like your fashion with a conscience, this bag is made from faux leather and is therefore suitable for vegans. So if you don't like wearing leather, you can still carry a beautiful, stylish bag.


Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke Or how about a bag in mustard yellow? Choosing a shade like this will add boldness to your accessories (it would look great with a grey suit or dress). This particular bag is treated to make it water-repellent, which would be very handy if you live in a rainy climate!



Lodis A briefcase-style bag is just what you need to help give you a serious and professional image. It will allow you to tote everything you need for your work day, while still looking stylish and smart. The stripped-down aesthetic of a briefcase bag is smart, serious and businesslike - just what you need to project the image of a businesswoman.


The Lodis brand captures the essence of sophistication, ensuring that every accessory you carry reflects your commitment to professionalism. With a carefully crafted leather exterior and functional compartments, a Lodis briefcase-style bag not only supports your organizational needs but also complements your corporate ensemble. Whether you're heading into a crucial meeting or managing day-to-day tasks, this chic accessory is a testament to your attention to detail and dedication to excellence in the workplace.


Danielle Nicole

Danielle Nicole A slouchy bag can still be suitable for work if you choose one like this, with its simple design and gold accents. It will look smart with a simple work dress or suit, and give you that businesslike look. This kind of style is also versatile enough to work with casual outfits and for vacations.



YSL You'd certainly need a job to pay for this particular bag! But if you can't justify spending the better part of two months' salary on a bag, save your cash and look for a bold lipstick red bag by a more affordable brand. A smart bag like this will give a very professional image, so splash out on a good quality one (even if YSL is a bit pricy!).


Having a statement accessory can do wonders for your work ensemble, and a lipstick red bag can be just that touch of boldness that sets you apart from the crowd. While the YSL bag may hover at the top end of the budget spectrum, high-quality alternatives offer similar chic without causing quite the same dent in your wallet. It's worth investing in a piece that meshes durability with style, ensuring that you'll turn heads in the boardroom without having to compromise on practicality. Remember, sometimes the right bag doesn't just carry your essentials—it also carries your confidence.


Big Buddha

Big Buddha Zingy citrus shades like orange will brighten up a staid work outfit, so if you're tired of the same old dull brown, black and navy bags then add some color to your work day! Satchel-style bags are always in, and are so stylish for the working woman. Besides, the outer pockets on a satchel are always useful.

It's worth investing in a work bag as you're going to get so much use out of it, but don't despair if you're on a budget. There are still plenty of choices if you shop carefully; just avoid buying anything that's too cheap as it will quickly fall apart. And don't stuff your bag full of heavy items! Do you think designer bags are never worth the money, or do you consider them a worthwhile investment?

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Tory Burch tote for me.

Check neiman Marcus,last call,gilt group,net a porter for some great prices.

Chloe or Hermes for me!

Coach for me!

Tory Burch for me

Louis vuitton

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