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When I was in high school, I never wanted to use a real backpack. It was probably related to my love of fashion, and the fact that I didn’t think real backpacks were fashionable at all. Because of that, I was always on the lookout for the best purses that I could use as backpacks. If you’re the same way, don’t worry! I’ve created a list of the best Target purses that could double as a backpack for this school year!

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Adam Lippes Shearling Drawstring Bucket Bag

Adam Lippes Shearling Drawstring Bucket Bag Bucket bags are easily the biggest trend in bags in the fall, and even more than that, faux fur is always a huge fall trend. If you’re looking for a purse that can double as a backpack, this bucket bag is the way to go. It’s the perfect look for back to school, and it’s just as functional!


Mossimo Weekender Bag

Mossimo Weekender Bag When people hear the term “weekender bag” they often run in the opposite direction, especially when it’s supposed to be a purse. Mossimo’s weekender bags aren’t nearly as big as a lot of people worry that they are. These bags are roomy, but they’re small enough to work as a backpack, especially if you’re someone who needs a little extra room!


Mossimo Tote Bag Handbag

Mossimo Tote Bag Handbag Just like the weekender bag, this bag is so roomy and perfect to work as a backpack, even though it looks like a purse. I got a similar purse like this, from Target as well, when I was a sophomore in high school. I used it as a backpack and it worked so well that I continued to use for the rest of high school. It’s the perfect purse-turned-backpack!


A+ by Aldo Weekender Duffle Bag

A+ by Aldo Weekender Duffle Bag Just like the term “weekender bag,” people don’t necessarily associate duffle bags with purses. While duffle bags do have a ton of room, this purse isn’t technically a duffle bag. It’s roomy without being too much like a duffle bag. It will hold all of your books, and maybe even a laptop!


A+ by Aldo Tote Bag

A+ by Aldo Tote Bag If you’re a tote bag girl, this is the perfect purse-turned-backpack for you. It’s simple and classic, and the wide look makes it easy to slide your laptop in and out of the purse. If you don’t travel to class with much besides your laptop, this bag is absolutely perfect for you, and even better, it can be easily transitioned to a purse on the weekends!


Merona Tote Bag Handbag

Merona Tote Bag Handbag Two-toned tote bags are so in style, so this is of course a bag that you need in your life. If you tend to go for monochromatic looks and geometric designs, this is the perfect backpack for you. It’s chic and stylish for even the most fashionable girls, but it’s big enough to be functional.


Reversible Tote Bag with Accessory Bag

Reversible Tote Bag with Accessory Bag It’s hard to turn down a bag that comes with a matching accessory bag, especially when the purse is this cute. If you love white, go for a purse like this. It’s especially great if you’re really particular about your things matching. I personally love it for its simple and clean look!

What’s your favorite purse-turned-backpack? Do you think you’ll buy any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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What's the prices for this stuff I know it's over my phone bill

very helpful...

When I was in school I used a large tote from aldo, it was on sale and I loved it. It had studs and chains all over it and was super cheap on sale. It had tons of room for textbooks. It was awesome. The next year at school I stupidly picked a backpack from some designer resale, it was like a duffle bag backpack hybrid, and I paid waaaay to much for it, but my 16 year old self who saved up her checks from work for months bought it, and my textbooks didn't fit all the way lol. It was awful. I couldn't take it back do I ended up using the same tote bag, but I still have the backpack thing, and i never use it. It doesn't fit anything lol. The lining is very thick and makes it look large but it isn't. So after that I always brought a textbook with me while shopping for a new school bag.

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