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The Perfect Pastel Pocketbooks to Carry in Spring ...

By Eliza

The word pocketbook originated as another word for woman's purse that included a pocket so she could carry a book with her. Now, for some people, pocketbook and purse are used interchangeably. No matter which term you favor, spring is the perfect time to round out your wardrobe with a lovely pastel bag. Here are some choices that I think you'll find it hard to resist.

1 A Total Indulgence

A Total
It's true that this purse won't come cheap, but it will be totally worth the price.

2 Lots of Texture

Lots of
Don't you love the color of this cool purse?


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3 Something a Bit Smaller

Something a Bit
This small, thin pocketbook is wonderful for events where you don't need to carry too many things with you.

4 Go with Something Quirky

Go with Something
Isn't this fun?

5 Two Tone Pastel Blue

Two Tone Pastel
This two tone purse will match almost everything hanging in your closet.

6 Floral Pastel

This slightly retro bag will be so much fun to carry around.

7 A Pastel Clutch Style Pocketbook

A Pastel Clutch Style
If this is what you think of when it comes to a pocketbook, you'll love having this in your hand.

8 Pastel with a Neutral Gray

Pastel with a Neutral
This purse will match any outfit you want to put on in the morning.

9 Tri-color Pocketbook

Where will you carry this pocketbook?

10 Something Big and Roomy

Something Big and
Do you think there's a pocket inside for your book?

11 Pastel Cat Bag

Pastel Cat
Adorable, don't you think?

12 Something Really Different

Something Really
Would you carry this cute pastel pocketbook?

13 Something Pastel Green is Fun

Something Pastel Green is
Don't you just adore this color of green?

14 Cool Envelope Clutch

Cool Envelope
This definitely tops my list of must haves this spring.

15 Just the Right Details

Just the Right
There's tons of room in this pocketbook for everything you need to carry with you.

16 Something No One else Will Have

Something No One else Will
You can bet that no one else will be carrying this purse around.

17 Perfect Pastel Color

Perfect Pastel
You love this one, don't you?

Which one are you dying to have?

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