Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bag for All Your Travels ...


Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bag for All Your Travels ...
Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bag for All Your Travels ...

Choosing the perfect travel bag can be tough, especially if you’re working in a tight budget, because travel bags can be quite the investment. If you’re looking to invest in a new travel bag but don’t know where to start or what style to get, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with this simple list of tips and tricks to make sure that you buy the perfect travel bag!

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Pay Attention to How You Normally Get around

Take note of how you usually like to get around. If wearing a bag on your shoulder annoys you, don’t get a duffel bag. If you prefer to wear a backpack when you’re running around, a backpack is probably the best option for you. If you don’t want to carry anything, go for a roller bag instead. The way that you normally bring things around with you is definitely how you should travel!


Think of Your Most Common Trips

Where do you go the most often? Are your trips most often on weeklong tropical vacations, or do you travel often for short work trips? If most of your trips are short, invest in a smaller bag that can be used as a carry-on to streamline the travel process. If most of your trips are longer and more leisurely, go for a bigger piece of luggage instead!


Look for Organization

Sure, style is important and you should try to match your personal style, but also pay attention to function. If you fall in love with a bag, make sure you pay attention to how functional it is. Check for organization, pockets and different types that are functional to how you travel.


Look at Your Wardrobe

What colors do you wear the most often? Pay attention. If you tend to wear black clothes, get a black bag. If you tend to wear brown clothes, go for something brown. If your wardrobe is more of a mixed bag, look for something leather. Leather travel gear is my go-to, because you can always be sure that it will match whatever you’re wearing!


Make Sure It Fits

If you’re going for a carry-on instead of a bigger bag that you’d have to check, pay attention to its size. Don’t get a bag that is too big if you intend for it to be a carry-on. Is there anything more annoying than being forced to check a bag that you wanted to carry on while traveling? It’s something that a lot of people don’t think about until its too late!


Know Your Budget

Just like when you’re buying a wedding dress, don’t even look at luggage that’s out of your budget. If you can’t afford it, you’ll be so upset and nothing will measure up to it. Remember that when you’re shopping for luggage, and try to stick with places and budgets that you’re comfortable with!


But Invest Wisely

That being said, get something that’s going to last you a long time. Don’t grab something from Forever 21 or H&M just because it’s in your budget. If your budget isn’t very big, look at discount stores like T.J. Maxx and Overstock instead of stores that have okay quality for low prices.

What are your tips for buying luggage and travel gear? Let me know what tips you swear by in the comments!

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Photos of some travel bags would have been welcomed

@BrittanyBaker and you don't think maybe a few pics could have helped???!

Great post


We can google some travel bags lol she was telling us how to buy them not showing us what to buy :)

I travel a lot for work and play. I took the plunge and invested in a few bags a brand named Crumpler. It won't win any awards for sexiness or style but, you have to be realistic when traveling, your bags will take an absolute thrashing whilst travelling. Most of us carry laptops, phones and other easily breakable items in our bags. This isn't the time to chose "pretty over protective". :)

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