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Youll Love to Carry These Quirky Bags ...

By Alicia

Do you ever get tired of carrying the same type of bag? After a while, they can all begin to look the same. If you’re a girl who has a passion for alternative styles or you just want to change things up then these are some quirky bags to consider. Your bag will always have flair if you choose any one of these options.

Table of contents:

  1. The milk carton bag is unusual
  2. The taco bag is one of a kind
  3. The owl bag is perfectly on trend
  4. The leopard and skull bag shows your fierceness
  5. The betty boop bag captures vintage style
  6. The rubik's cube bag is fun and playful
  7. The winking eye bag is the quirkiest bag of all

1 The Milk Carton Bag is Unusual
This bag will stand out. It’s one that’s sure to be attention-grabbing and make for a good conversation piece. It comes in strawberry, "lavendairy," and almond. Sold by Dollskill, The Legend Dairy certainly an original. If you purchase $75 of merchandise then you can get free shipping, which is always a plus.

2 The Taco Bag is One of a Kind
Express your love for tacos with this unique bag. If you’re a girl who prefers a small bag then this one’s for you. It’s also only $7, making it a steal. Carry it on its own or tuck it into a tote bag if you prefer. Don’t be surprised if friends ask you where you got your cool bag.

3 The Owl Bag is Perfectly on Trend
If you love the trend of all things owl then this bag’s for you. It’s done in perfect browns and made of leather so you know it’s quality. The strap is adjustable so you can personalize it to what works best for your body. It’s quirky without being too far out there. If you want to stand out but still be following the trends then this is the bag you want. And at $40, it’s affordable.

4 The Leopard and Skull Bag Shows Your Fierceness
Show your edgy side while still being girly with this bag. A mixture of leopard print and skulls says that you’re one tough lady. It’s a bag that’s very fashionable as well as quirky. People will know that you’ve got your own individual style with this choice. There are plenty of pockets and a zip closure to make this bag functional.

5 The Betty Boop Bag Captures Vintage Style
Show your love for Betty with this original, stylish Betty Boop Bag. It comes with a matching wallet that you’ll adore. You’ll love the classic red and black colors this bag is designed in. One of the best things about this bag is the lovely shape. While still a small bag, it’s surprisingly roomy.

6 The Rubik's Cube Bag is Fun and Playful
Some girls love the look of a square bag and this one fits the bill. Enjoy this throwback to childhood when you carry the Rubik's Cube Bag. It’s colorful, cute and completely quirky. It’s sure to be noticed by all your friends and acquaintances. You may find that this bag soon becomes your favorite.

7 The Winking Eye Bag is the Quirkiest Bag of All
This Winking Eye Bag has got to be the quirkiest of them all! I was absolutely blown away by this unusual bag. If you want to stand out in a crowd then this is the bag you need. It has a zip closure and inner pockets to keep your things organized. Best of all, it’s currently on sale!

If you’re tired of carrying basic bags then any choice on this list will get you out of your rut. Which bags do you like the most? Do you commonly carry quirky bags?

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