21 Back to School Bags That Will Make You Want to Go to Class ...


21 Back to School Bags That Will Make You Want to Go to Class ...
21 Back to School Bags That Will Make You Want to Go to Class ...

Going to school, whether you're still in high school or you've moved on to college, isn't always the most fun activity in the world. You can make it better if you have cute clothes and adorable shoes, right? Add an awesome bag to your outfit and you'll actually want to go to school so you can show it off. Here are some marvelous choices. School will never be as fun as it is when you carry one of these bags.

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Basic Black

Basic Black ebags.com
Here's a roomy and structured bag that will match anything in your closet.


Something Yummy

Something Yummy ebags.com
Love hamburgers? Or just want something fun to look at? This bag will certainly make any boring day any class just a bit better.


Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion ebags.com
If you're the kind of girl who wants something different than anyone else, this bag is the perfect choice. Beautiful, isn't it?


Spaced out

Spaced out victoriaswing.com
Calling all astronomy majors! Or just anyone who loves space.



Wheee! shoebuy.com
Snoopy makes this bag a super fun choice that no one else is going to be carrying.


Neutral Brown

Neutral Brown shoebuy.com
I like to keep things neutral and matching. If you're the same, you'll love this bag.


Bright Purple

Bright Purple shoebuy.com
Give your days in class some color with a bright purple backpack like this one.


Collegiate Style

Collegiate Style shoebuy.com
Not only is the pattern on this bag really fun, but the double straps make it easy to carry. This is the perfect choice if you don't really care for a traditional backpack.


Nike Gray and Yellow

Nike Gray and Yellow ‌ebags.com
This bag is just the right combination of sporty look and a trendy neon color.


British Style

British Style ebags.com
What's not to love about this fantastic bag? You get all the space you need and some fun color to brighten your walk around campus.


Scattered Dots

Scattered Dots ebags.com
There's something so simple about this bag, but at the same time it's unique and worthy of all your books and papers.


Something Personalized

Something Personalized zazzle.com
This lightweight bag is perfect for sports practice or for your gym clothes.


Fancy Laptop Bag

Fancy Laptop Bag shoebuy.com
Do you have to carry your laptop all day? Make it a little less of chore with a lovely laptop bag like this one.


Bright and Sunny

Bright and Sunny ebags.com
You won't be able to have any more bad days when you sling this bright and cheery backpack over your shoulders.


Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts ebags.com
Even if you don't love school, you'll love sporting your heart on your bag all day long.


Super Sporty

Super Sporty ebags.com
The wide straps and sporty style of this cool backpack makes your go-to if you're an athlete.


Rolling Backpack

Rolling Backpack macys.com
Are you always overloaded with a ton of school stuff? Take the pressure off your shoulders without sacrificing your style by choosing a rolling bag.


Wide and Roomy Backpack and Laptop Bag in One

Wide and Roomy Backpack and Laptop Bag in One macys.com
You can cram just about anything into this backpack. It features a great color combo and lots of hidden space inside.


Satchel Style

Satchel Style us.asos.com..
Give your look a sophisticated and collegiate makeover by carrying a satchel instead of a backpack.


One Shoulder Messenger Bag

One Shoulder Messenger Bag zappos.com
Don't you just love the color of this bag? It's a one shoulder messenger style that has lots of room, but is stylish and comfortable to carry.


Something Really Fun for Your Lunch

Something Really Fun for Your Lunch ebay.com
You've got a bag for your books and papers, but what about your lunch? You'll truly love pulling this out at noon. Isn't it cute?

Do you see a bag that would make school fun again? What will you carry in it?

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