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23 Fab Bags for College Girls ...

By Jennifer

Let's face it: that grubby canvas backpack you dragged around your senior year of high school isn't going to work for college. First of all, that one strap is being held together by a safety pin and it's about to give out. Second, the inside still smells like yoghurt after that one lunch-time incident. Besides, who doesn't love a new bag? Here are a few bags designed for newly-minted college girls... which one will you choose?

1 I like Big Books

I like Big
I could totally see carrying my books around in this.Yeah!

2 Red-Hot Bag

So much more sophisticated than that old backpack!

3 Emily Was Punk?!

Emily Was Punk?!
Reimagine your fave classic authors as punk icons. I love it!

4 Mad about Plaid

Mad about
Bring a spot of sunshine to even the gloomiest Monday's earliest class.

5 Print Detail Bag

Print Detail
This one even has room for your tablet and a snack. Woot!

6 Star Wars Backpack

Star Wars
Let your Star Wars-geek flag fly with this printed backpack.

7 Fine Feathered Bag

Fine Feathered
This could be the classiest gym-stuff bag ever.

8 Classic Backpack

This one could last your entire college career, it's that sturdy.

10 Birdie Bag

I love this pretty vintage print!

11 Fox-print Bag

Room for all your seriously heavy books and notebooks and such.

12 Pineapple Print Pack

Pineapple Print
Spring Break can't get here fast enough.

13 Library-Ready Tote

For your sojourns in the library.

14 Luxe (faux) Leather

Luxe (faux)
So classic and classy and preppy!

15 Cartoon Shroom Backpack

Cartoon Shroom
Oh my gosh, so cute!

16 Comic Tote

Another alternative to the smelly old gym bag.

17 Pug Tote

Who doesn't love Gemma Correll and her pugs?

18 Sing Us a Song, You're the Piano Bag

Sing Us a Song, You're the Piano
For toting your sheet music and harp, or whatever.

19 Chambray Color-block Backpack

Chambray Color-block
For fans of denim.

20 Bow Tote

If you like it, put a bow on it!

21 Polka-Dot Pack

I love polka-dots, don't you?

22 Zebra-print Tote

It took me a while to see that these were zebras, not just some graphic. Love!

23 Coral Satchel

I love this color... again, very classic and very classy!

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