17 Pocketbook Essentials to Keep in Your Bag All Throughout the Season ...

By Holly

17 Pocketbook Essentials to Keep in Your Bag All Throughout the Season ...

Don't fill your bag up with useless items you're never going to use. Stick stuff in there that's actually going to come in handy. That way, you'll always be prepared in any given situation. Here are a few pocketbook essentials you should keep on you at all times:

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1 Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer If you don't have time to wash your hands before a meal, you can at least use hand sanitizer. The miniature bottles from Bath and Body Works are easy to fit in the side pocket of your bag, so they won't take up much space.

2 Umbrella

Umbrella Buy a little, fold-up umbrella to carry around with you. You won't always have a hood on your jacket, and you don't want the rain to ruin your gorgeous hair.

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3 Hand Cream

Hand Cream Now that it's getting colder, your hands will be prone to cracking. If you want soft skin, you need lotion.

4 Lip Balm

Lip Balm Nobody likes flaky lips. That's why you need some Chapstick with you 24/7, just in case.

5 ID

ID It doesn't matter if you're driving your car or walking to work. You need your license on you.

6 Blotting Sheets

Blotting Sheets If your skin looks a little iffy, you can use these to freshen up. It's a quick fix.

7 Perfume

Perfume If you're not a fan of perfume, at least carry around a faint body spray. That way, you'll smell delicious all day.

8 Mirror

Mirror You should check your mirror every once in a while to make sure that there isn't any food stuck in your teeth. You don't want to embarrass yourself.

9 Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats If you're wearing heels, or any other uncomfortable shoes, keep some ballet flats in your bag. Then you can change into them on your way home when your feet are killing you.

10 Miniature Deodorant

Miniature Deodorant If your pits get sweaty, you'll need deodorant to save the day. The product comes in a miniature version, so you can easily slip it into your purse.

11 Cash

Cash You should never leave the house without money. You might need it.

12 Phone

Phone You never leave the house without your phone, which is why you should keep it safe in your pocketbook. Just make sure it stays on silent when you're in an important meeting.

13 Small Notebook

Small Notebook If you're the artsy type, you can jot down all of your ideas in a little notebook. Then you'll never forget about the inspiration that struck you in the middle of the day.

14 Snack

Snack You won't always have time for a lunch break on a busy day. That's why you should keep a granola bar on you at all times, so you don't end up starving yourself.

15 Band Aids

Band Aids If you get hurt, you don't want your wound exposed to the world. You need a bandage to keep it safe.

16 Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins If your hair falls out of place throughout the day, you don't have to redo the entire style. Just stick some bobby pins in it to fix it.

17 Tissues

Tissues Maybe you'll have to blow your nose. Maybe you'll have to wipe off some of your makeup. Maybe you'll have to kill a bug.

If you keep these things in your bag, you'll never have to worry again. What do you always keep in your pocketbook, no matter what?

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very true.

& baby stuff ( for my nine month old son) and car keys. O.k I'm ready to go :)

I also carry baby wipes just incase my sweat causes an odor and incase I need to change my daughter.

Some condoms just incase never no when it will happen 😬

Great post !

Phone, power bank, lip balm, lotion, Wallet and gum.

Um, don't know if you realized it but that's Dramatical Murder (: thank you so much haha

Keys, phone, beauty products, charger, and pad and/or tampons. Those are a must. Lol

Female personal products, portable battery charger, mints and earbuds

I always keep a couple of extra prescription medication - just in case!

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