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Why You Don't Really Need That Designer Handbag for Girls Who Feel Left out ...

By Alicia

Designer handbags can inspire a deep love in a woman’s heart. But sometimes they’re not the best choice for you. I’ve carried (and loved) both designer and non-designer handbags and here are some things that I’ve discovered. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the bag you carry; it’s a completely personal decision. However, there are some reasons you may want to pass on that designer bag you’ve got your eye on.

1 You’ve Got Unpaid Bills

It could be that you really can’t afford a designer bag. Designer bags can cost you a few hundred on up. If your student loans or rent are behind then shelling out that amount may not be the wisest decision. Passing on a designer bag in order to pay your bills is a sign of maturity. It doesn’t mean you’ll never carry designer again; it’s just the best decision for now.

2 You Tire of Carrying the Same Bag Quickly

This is always an issue for me. I tire of bags very quickly. I love having a new bag every few months. Buying designer generally makes you feel like you should carry the bag for a long time. It’s hard to justify dropping $450 for a purse you’re only going to be satisfied with for a few months.

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3 You’re Carrying a Designer Bag You Recently Purchased

Another reason not to give in to the urge to buy designer is that you’re already carrying a recently purchased designer bag. There are some people who can afford an annual purse budget in the thousands and that’s great for them! But for the normal everyday girl, that isn’t practical. If a designer bag caught your eye but you recently invested in another then it’s probably a good idea to wait. Put the new bag you noticed on your wish list for next time.

4 You Could do so Many More Things with the Money

You may be eyeing a designer bag, but you really need some new kicks. Perhaps your jeans are practically ratted out from wearing them. It’s all about making smart decisions. What do you really need? If it’s a bag and it’s in the budget to go for designer then yay, you! But if not, there are lots of other cute bags for a fraction of designer price tags.

5 It’s Impractical

One reason to pass on a designer bag is that it’s impractical. Maybe it’s too small or not what you truly need. There are lots of pretty bags out there. That doesn’t automatically mean they’re right for you. It’s always good to think about what you want and need out of a bag before you buy.

6 It’ll Cause You to Feel Stress

Sometimes buying a designer bag causes you to feel stressed. I’ve been in that position before. You’re so worried about damaging the bag by staining it, tearing it or other mishappenings that you can’t fully enjoy it. That can take some of the fun out of carrying a designer bag. If you’re going to feel stressed then it may be a bag you want to pass on.

7 Brand Popularity Comes and Goes

Brands that were on the top five years ago aren’t necessarily there now. Brand popularity comes and goes. Remembering this sheds a new light on designer purses. It can help you to remember that a bag is just a bag. It’s best to choose a bag because you truly love it, not only because it’s a certain brand.

These are some reasons you may not need a designer bag. What holds you back from buying designer? Your comments are always welcome.

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