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I don’t know about you but I’m ready for spring. I’m ready to pull out my warm weather clothes and reorganize my bag with spring essentials. If you’ve never given any thought to the spring essentials you need in your purse then now’s the time. Consider adding these 7 items to your purse this spring.

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clothing,leg,thigh,arm,finger, One item that’s important to add to your purse for spring is a pair of sunglasses. As the gray and dreary days of winter roll away, sunny spring days take their place. Sunglasses can also double as an easy hair accessory in a pinch. Simply push them up into the place you’d wear a headband and your hair will cascade around them perfectly. However you wear them, sunglasses make a great spring accessory.


Hair Bands

hair,blue,clothing,dress,hairstyle, When the weather begins to warm up, there’ll probably be times that you want to pull your hair up. It’s good to have some hair bands in your purse for those times. They’re also good to have on days that spring showers have ruined your perfect hair day. This is an item that doesn’t take up much space in your handbag, either.


Your Favorite Lip Gloss

color,red, There’s really no season for lip gloss. It can be worn year round but it always seems like it’s the thing to grab in the spring and summer. It’s light and sheer which fits perfectly into the seasons that make your makeup practically melt. Lip gloss is a lot easier to deal with in hot weather than lipstick is. Lipstick tends to feather and bleed more in spring and summer.



label,hand,finger,Relakkuma,Rilakkuma, When winter begins to fade, you start to pack your boots away and get out all your pretty little flats, heels and sandals. They become the shoe of choice for beautiful spring days. And they look positively lovely but they come with one problem. They can cause your feet to develop blisters. Tucking a few Band-Aids into your purse can save the day when your shoes begin to hurt your feet.


Ear Buds

hand,LOVE,LISTEN,EARPHONES, You’re probably going to be outdoors more in the spring. It’s hard to resist soaking up the sun after a long winter staring out at the snow. While you’re catching your rays, you may want to listen to some music so it’s good to have ear buds in your purse. You may also enjoy walking or jogging in the spring. Having your ear buds means you can enjoy your jam while you slam your workout.


A Bottle of Water

pink,man made object,mason jar,product,drinkware, Hydration is important all year round. No doubt about that. But in the spring, the temps begin to climb and you may even have some days that border on hot. For that reason, it’s extra important to carry a bottle of water in your purse. Also, you’re probably on the go more after you’ve been cooped up all winter so it’s good to have a bottle of water close at hand.


Allergy Medication

medicine,organ, Lastly, if you suffer from spring allergies, then you don’t want to leave your allergy medication behind. Having it in your purse can make the difference between a day that’s lovely or a day that’s practically miserable. You’ll be so glad you tucked it into your purse when sneezing and sniffling attack. If allergies plague you then this may be the most important item to add to your purse in the spring. It’s better to have it along and not need it than to need it desperately and not have it with you.

These are 7 must haves for your spring bag. What’re the items you can’t go without in your purse for spring? I can’t wait to read your responses!

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Agreed sunscreen for sure

I think that sunscreen should be included too . But very useful article

Very informative article. I always have to keep some chapstick in my bag. (My lips get so dry). Also some hand lotion. Regardless of how often I change handbags, these 2 items are always in there.

I have so much in my purse I'd have to write a 12-page essay with a thesis to detail it all lmao

I just got a pair of kate spade sunglasses and a new chanel lip gloss :)


Ok i have a pair of prada sunglasses,a nice pen,a retro notebook,lipbalm,my apple phone and of course my hermes purse and other discreet female that doesnt need mentioning!😉

I can' tog anywhere without a notepad and pen, my headphones, iPad and charger, favorite purple lipstick, and my inhaler. (Asthma is a pain in the rear)

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