7 Things You Never Carry in Your Purse but Always Should ...


7 Things You Never Carry in Your Purse but Always Should ...
7 Things You Never Carry in Your Purse but Always Should ...

A woman’s purse is a place of mystery and wonder. You never know what it might (or might not) contain. But the one thing it is is your constant companion. I can’t imagine stepping out of the house without my bag and the three dozen things that I have in it (everything from loose change on the bottom to safety pins and visiting cards). But over time I’ve realised that there are 7 things I absolutely must have in my purse at all times.

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Emergency Cash

Sure, I have my cards, but there are times when you’re caught in an unexpected situation and your fancy cards are of no use. For such eventualities, it’s a good idea to keep some emergency cash, either in a hidden corner of your purse or wallet. I find that keeping it clipped to my driving license is a good idea.


Phone Charger

Smart phones are not so smart when it comes to battery life, right? And I for one cannot imagine being without my phone. And so buying an extra phone charger to keep in your purse seems like an excellent idea.


Emergency Snack

I get very cranky when I’m hungry. And I’m certain I’m not the only one. The best way to manage this is to keep an emergency snack in your purse for times when you don’t have access to food and are in urgent need of some sustenance! From almonds to chocolate to energy bars, you can keep whatever will keep you going.



Super versatile and very useful, try and keep a pack of wipes in your purse at all times. From wiping off spilled food or drinks to giving your face a quick wipe down on a hot day, wipes are extremely useful. And if you have children then you know you cannot leave the house without this very important thing.



For that minty-fresh breath whenever you need it, keep a handy tin of mints in your purse. I usually keep mints for after a particularly garlicky lunch, especially before important meetings. And of course, if you’re going on a date right after work at the end of a long day, those mints are a good idea right?



This might seem an innocuous addition to your purse but it can be quite useful just when you need it to be. A chipped nail can be protected with a band-aid so you don’t catch it on something and break it, blisters because of new shoes or dancing the night away in high heels can be covered to avoid pain and of course any minor wounds.


Mini Makeup Kit

Nothing too fancy, but a small kit made up of basics like an eye pencil, your favorite lip gloss, a tiny bottle of perfume, a small comb/hairbrush can be quite essential to have in your purse. You don’t have to spend hours on your makeup. You’ll be surprised how far just a dash of lip color and a quick comb through your hair goes. This way you don’t have to worry about not looking your best at any time of the day, be it at work or in the social setting.

Women’s purses can be scary things and only we know what goes into them and where each thing will be located. While these 7 things might seem like very obvious and mundane things, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable they’ll make your life just by being in your purse at all times. Maybe you could come up with more additions to this list and share it with us?

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I carry all, except the makeup, in my work duty bag.

@J oh! I see. Thanks x

I already carry these plus extras like paracetamol, a drink, pen etc. its like having a mary poppins bag. Always have what you need

How about Pads? That's crucial

They forgot pepper spray

I would add a nail mini kit to this list..I often get chipped nails and if I don't have a nail file I end up munching it until it comes away..

@Memz a safety pin.. You never know when a button might pop, great for minor clothing alterations

My purse is my car, got everything but the kitchen sink in there most days. I hate carrying around a purse but always have my car. If not, I chuck whatever I need in my friends 😂 they all understand I hate carrying purses 👛

I carry most but you forgot a weapon. If you have a concealed license to carry a gun it’s a great way to protect yourself

My Dad always had 3 things in his pocket: a pen, a safety pin and a handkerchief. I was always asking him for them when I was out and now I never go out without them in my purse :)

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