Brand Name Handbags a Gal Can Afford if She Tries ...

I love brand name handbags as much as the next girl, but I don’t like the price tag that comes along with them. However, there are some that can be pretty affordable if you’re savvy when it comes to your shopping excursions. I’ve compiled a list of the greatest designers to snag a brand name purse from for a fraction of what they usually cost. Whether it entails signing up for email lists to be notified of secret, surprise sales, or simply checking out your outlet mall more often than usual, this list is sure to help you out when it comes to finding your dream designer handbag for an amazing deal!

1. Kate Spade

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Kate Spade is one of my all-time favorite brand name handbags, and it’s not only because the bags are always so cute, but also because the company is great at secret sales! If you’re lucky enough to catch a secret sale, you can get a Kate Spade bag (or another accessory) for such a great price!

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