10 Fabulously Chic Top Designer Bags a Fashionista Should Have ...

Top Designers Bags are all lust worthy items. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has dreamt about owning an Hermes Birkin bag or a vintage Chanel purse. When it comes to top designer bags, there are a select few that are worth looking at. Now, I’m not saying you should own all of them (one could only dream!) but if you’re looking to invest in an iconic design then these are the top designer bags that you should be looking at.

1. Chanel 2.55

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Price: $3900.00 at chanel.com
When it comes to the most iconic top designer bags, you can’t beat the Chanel 2.55. This luxury bag epitomises the understated, stylish nature of the Chanel brand. There is the classic flap version of this bag, and the newer reissue. The classic version features the iconic interlocking C hardware while the reissue doesn’t. This bag is available in a range of colours and finishes.

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