7 Ways to Tell a Fake Coach Purse ...

How to tell a fake Coach purse and avoid paying big bucks for something that isn’t worth nearly as much? Well, first of all, let me tell you that, as hard it is to believe, Coach replicas are actually everywhere which means that you simply have to get informed in case you’re determined to get the real deal without having to pay the retail price to own it. And with that said, here are a few extremely important tips on how to spot a Coach knockoff:

1. Inspect C’s

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I’m going to risk sounding like any other good fashion savvy Samaritan and start my list of tips on how to tell a fake Coach purse by advising you to take a very close look at those C’s! Why? Because your inspection might reveal that those C’s are not really C’s but G’s or O’s! You should also know that C’s come in pairs which means you’ll have two horizontal C’s facing each other with their ends touching followed by two vertical C’s and so on.

2. Check the Seams and Logo

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Even the best Coach replicas I’ve seen couldn’t go near the real deal in terms of quality, materials and, of course, craftsmanship so my next tip would be to pay very close attention to tiny details – seams and the pattern in particularly. In case the bag you’re interested in has a central seam, it should be perfectly centered with logo on the canvas just as perfect as on the other parts of the bag. But, speaking about those famous C’s – one of the things I love about this brand is the fact that bags fit something I like to call “Chanel standard” which pretty much means that the pattern must remain unbroken, regardless of how many pockets or seams the bag in question has. Check the real Coach bag and you’ll see what I mean.

3. Compare Styles

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A friend of mine was seriously considering a purchase of a bag that had a Coach credo patch on the inside, pretty decent sets of double C’s on the outside and a big, shiny, GUCCI buckle! I’m serious ladies – two big, interlocking G’s right in the center! Needless to say that she didn’t buy it. What I’m trying to say is this – regardless of how nice and authentic the bag may seem at first, you don’t want to rush with your purchase until you cross-reference it with guaranteed authentic bags and make sure it’s not a fake Coach!

4. Scrutinize the Credo Patch

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Want more tips on how to tell a fake Coach purse? Open it up (or ask for a good photo of the inside) and check that relatively large embossed patch. Coach Credo should be easy to read (no smudges, poor imprint or even worst no imprint at all) and should end with a serial number starting with “No” (abbreviation for “number”), combining letters and digits to form a unique number specific for the bag and style in question. Credo patch should be made of real leather and attached to the lining on all four sides, the stitch holding it in place just as perfect, unbroken, sturdy and neat as all others should be.

5. Check the Overall Quality

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It’s easy to spot a Coach knockoff when you know what an authentic bag looks and feels like! I’m talking about that nice, sturdy materials, real leather trim, YKK zippers and good lining! An authentic Coach won’t have a cheap, synthetic lining and it most definitely won’t have a logo pattern both inside and outside. I really have to underline this last sentence because I came across a perfect replica some days ago and the only thing that gave it away was the lining! Keep your eyes open for crooked or doubled seams (especially on the Credo patch) as that’s one of the fool proof ways to tell a fake right on the spot!

6. Fine Details

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Don’t get scared in case your Coach label reads “Made in China” – some bags are really produced there! You do, however, have something to worry about in case your bag is made in Thailand or Korea as these are not the counties Coach produces bags in. Check the zipper pulls as well and be sure to look for either a leather pull or a metal hoop, never a standard one.

7. Bonus Tips

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If you’re in the market for a vintage piece but still want to know how to tell a fake Coach purse, keep in mind the fact that Coach started marking bags with serial numbers during 70’s which pretty much means that bags sold before that period won’t have a number to prove their authenticity. The serial number on post 70’s vintage pieces is shorter and won’t have the last few digits to mark the style of the bag.

There you go ladies! Now you have some great new info on how to tell a fake Coach purse to keep in mind while bidding on eBay or browsing around at a purse party! But tell me – do you have some of your own tips and tricks for spotting fake Coach bags?

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