9 Large Bags You'll Love to Take Anywhere with You ...


Large Bags are my absolute favorite and if agree with me, then you’ll probably agree these practical babies will never go out of style!

In fact, I bet you’re already thinking about new ways to mix and match all those wonderful large bags you already have or trying to decide whether to update your collection with a new style.

Well, then you must check out these 9 amazing large bags and who knows… maybe you even find the one you have been searching for all along.

1. Pour La Victoire Marlow Large Tote

Pour La Victoire Marlow Large Tote

Price: $395.00 at shop.nordstrom.com

This mustard-tone beauty sure is pricy but it’s practical, big enough to hold all those tiny and not so tiny items you might need during the day and, oh, have I mentioned that this is a perfect color to wear this fall?

Stylists say colorful is the way to go this fall and I say this is how I’d go every fall not only because I absolutely love large bags but also because this particular color goes perfectly with brown, green, red and black which, in my book, spells “love me, use me, take me everywhere with you and I’ll return the favor by helping you look super-stylish wherever you go!”

2. Steven by Steve Madden Large Tote

Steven by Steve Madden Large Tote

Price: $198.00 at shop.nordstrom.com

Now, in case yellow isn’t really your favorite color but you love the idea of a large tote you’ll be able to use until the exact word to describe what you’re doing is “abuse”, I would be more than happy to suggest this fabulous plum beauty.

Now, you are free to choose black or metallic gray as well but that would be playing it safe which is something you must stop doing eventually.

Why not start now?

3. Steve Madden Eden Femme Fatal Tote

Steve Madden Eden Femme Fatal Tote

Price: $108.00 at zappos.com

Need extra space?

How about an extra print?

Well, this fab tote certainly has it all!

If you’re thinking about starting your collection of large bags, you’d probably want to start with getting one versatile black bag you can match with the rest of your wardrobe and footwear.


Well, you’ll certainly do the right thing if you choose this one!2

It’s soooo simple!

Four easy movements and voila- you have a brand new bag that’s anything but plain!


Aldo Desrochers Bag
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