7 Cute Bags by Deadworry ...

One of my favorite indie designers is Deadworry, with their incredibly detailed illustrations they print on the softest tees and most rugged bags. I especially love their totes and messenger bags… they’re so cool! I’ve been needing a new bag for school, so I’ve been trying to choose just one Deadworry bag… help! Here are 7 cute bags by Deadworry… I can’t decide which I like best!

1. Deadworry Jellyfish Shoulder Bag

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Price: $30.00 at shanalogic.com
This bag is ideal for using as a school or work bag, generous enough to hold school books, client folders, even vinyl records (remember those?). It measures 11 by 16 inches, and is made of sturdy 100% cotton. I love the three beautiful jellyfish on the front — they’re so graceful!

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