7 Reasons Why a Girl Can Never Have Enough Bags …


It’s true to say that men just don’t get the ‘bag thing’, isn’t it. ‘Why do you need more than one?’ they ask. Guys, it’s not as simple as that! We need one for work, one for evenings out, one for every possible occasion. So we have to build a collection. Of course, we don’t really have to justify how many bags we own, but here are some reasons why a girl can never have enough bags in her wardrobe.

1. Variety

The bag that suits every occasion simply does not exist. We need a smart one for work, a small bag for evenings out, a backpack for walks, a large bag for weekends away, a beach bag big enough to throw in a towel, suncream, water bottle and hat. Plus one to suit every other possible requirement.

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