11 Best Gym Bags ...

Whether you are running to the gym or staying somewhere overnight, the best gym bags can really come in handy. They are spacious, comfy and sometimes even fashionable! However some of them last a lot longer than others. Therefore if you want to invest into a bag that will last you a lifetime, grabbing any one of them off the shelf will probably not work. So if you are in a hunt for one of the best gym bags, start your search here!

1. Athleta Spring Tote

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Believe it or not but you can fit anything you want into this which makes it one of the best gym bags. There are several removable compartments for laundry and shoes, straps for holding a yoga mat, pocket for earbuds, and much more. Trust me, you will no longer have to stress over managing space with this bag on your shoulder!

Price: $79 at amazon.com

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