8 Big Bold Beach Bags ...

As I've mentioned, probably a dozen times before, I adore bags. With summer coming up, I'm especially interested in finding a new beach bag. I mean, when I go to the pool or to the ocean, I take everything with me – and if I can fit it, I'll put it all in my bag. Drinks, books, sunglasses, lots of sunblock, extra clothing, and who knows what else – I'll cram it all in if I'm able. I'd love to find something that has tons of room but is still easy to carry, though – hence my mad search for some big bold beach bags!

1. Dakine Nina Beach Bag

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Price: $24.00 at zappos.com
Here is a seriously big bold beach bag – emphasis on the “bold.” I'm not normally into this kind of color combination – but! We're talking about beach bags here, and somehow it's okay to be seen with bright, acidic colors like this on the beach. This bag makes me think of sunshine, like you could carry this out with you, and will it to stay sunny all day. At 18” wide, 12” high, and 4” deep, it should be plenty big for all your stuff.

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