10 Bold YSL Bags ...


YSL bags are stylish, trendy, and very daring. Of course, they're also very, very expensive and I'll probably never to be able to afford one, but that doesn't stop me from compiling a list of which YSL bag โ€“ or, ahem, bags โ€“ I would run out and buy if I magically one the lottery (magical, because I don't actually play the lottery). I've come up with several choices, and here are my favorite bags from YSL. See if you like them too!

1. Large YSL Muse

Large YSL Muse

Price: $1,550.00 at ysl.com

This is one of my favorite YSL bags because of the shape and the overall design. It's kind of urban and sophisticated, but at the same time, something about it is incredibly unique. The rivets are awesome, and while you can get it in various colors, I love this bright shade of red โ€“ like a candy apple!

Large YSL Clutch
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