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Wondering how to care for designer bag in general and especially now, in fall? Well, let’s face it – bag care and skin care can sometimes be two very similar things and we all know the change of seasons does affect the choice of products and methods you’ll use for either one of those! There are a few general tips you should keep in mind regardless of the season, too, especially if you want to make caring for designer bags easier and successful! Let’s get to the point then, shall we? Take a peek at this list and help yourself to a care tip for bags you didn’t know or use up until now.

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Clean - Condition – Store

Time to part with your favorite summer bag for a while, but not before it gets all the attention it deserves! Caring for a designer bag, especially if it’s your favorite one, often includes a bit of extra pampering and making sure it’s protected and stored properly until the next season. Clean and condition it like you usually do, stuff with clean tissue paper, throw in a few silica gel packets in case you live in a humid place and place it in its dust bag or a clean pillow case. Voila! Your bag is ready to rest until the next summer and this extra attention will help it look amazing!


Wipe – Condition - Use

Speaking about ways to care for designer bag you’re planning on using this fall, let’s talk a bit about the pre-season care some die hard designer bag fans love to treat their beloved items with. Proper cleaning, care and storage will be sure to keep your bag looking good when unused, although you might want to invest a few extra minutes of your time and freshen it up a bit. Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe away any specks of dust or surface dirt, then condition once more in case the leather feels a bit dry, or less supple than before.


Water & Stain Proof

Don’t let the unexpected showers or snow ruin your favorite accessory! There are tons of great super-effective products that could make even a Birkin turn as water-repelling as a nylon shopper! But wait, there’s another care tip for bags you’d find useful and it goes something like this – in case your autumn bag is of light or sensitive coloring you should definitely think about stain-proofing it as well in order to avoid glove or coat to bag color transfers. The product you used to make your bag water-proof usually does the trick, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone although you can purchase a separate product made especially for this purpose.


Consider Practical & Stylish Accessories

Speaking about tips on how to care for designer bag during the cold seasons and all the things you can do to prevent some of the most common signs of wear and tear – have you considered wrapping a bandeau around your bag’s handles? This popular, stylish way to avoid stains on Hermes and LV bag handles is the best way to protect your favorite accessory from color transfers and sweaty hands and make it look brand new longer!


Re-Condition when Needed

Caring for designer bags, especially those delicate ones, can prove to be quite of a job during autumn and winter! Water marks and stains are not the only problems you’ll have to deal with, of course, as there’s also the risk of cracking or peeling due to the lack of moisture. It’s kind of like your own skin, actually! You go out and freeze then walk into a well-heated space full of dry air that literally sucks the moisture out of your face and hands. The solution? Well, it’s pretty obvious! Treat your bags like you treat your face – they may need to be re-conditioned more often during these cold seasons or need a more potent moisturizing products.


Inspect It from Time to Time

Okay, I know this may sound totally weird but it’s what I do and know for a fact some other girls do, too. And whether it’s a bag I decided to “bench” for the season or the bag I’m using quite often, I really do like to check it thoroughly every month or so. I do that to my clothes as well and, trust me - there is no better way to discover a loose stitch or a stubborn stain! A few one on one moments with your bag will help you detect not only stains and loose stitches but dry, flaking bits as well as ink stains that, if left too long, can prove to be impossible to remove.


Be Careful with Harsh Chemicals

Last on my list of tips on how to care for designer bag isn’t a typical fall maintenance tip but something you should have in mind all year long. Now, I don’t want to point my finger at any brand but I’m sure you know a few of those harsh, bleach infused cleaning products are said to work wonders for naked leathers such as vachetta used on LV bags. And guess what? One in particular really does remove stains and leaves leather visibly lighter although visibly dry, dull and even cracked too! You are free to use it, of course, but be smart about it! Test a small piece of leather first, allowing a whole day to pass before you decide to proceed with the product in question. If no cracks appear and you’re satisfied with the way the treated spot feels, do carry on. You have been warned, though.

Any other tips on how to care for designer bag I ought to have mentioned? Do tell! Is there a special product or technique that makes caring for designer bags easier for you?

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Thanks for this! I know how to use a bag but sure doesn't know how to properly care for it. Your tips are a great help

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