10 the New Classic Bags to Invest in ...

A classic bag is a must-have for every fashion conscious woman. Why? Because it's the perfect go-to bag. Classic bags are elegant and sophisticated but this season, designers are redefining the classic archetype. As a result, new handbags have marvelous modern twists that add to all that signature style. They are still timeless bags, most often found in neutral colors so that the focus is on your outfit or your accessories. However, they're subtly edgy and thus even more versatile. Take a look at these modern but classic bags and envision how easy it is to carry them to work, luncheons, cocktail parties, or dinner dates. You'll see!

1. Minimalistic Tote Bags

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The best way to keep it classic is to go minimal. If you want a classic bag that goes with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, choose an item that keeps the accents and details at a minimum. Let the handbag speak for itself, you know? Victoria Beckham's Victoria Leather Tote is an excellent example of what you need. Thanks to its sleek lines and elegant structure, it works with jeans and cardigans, skirts and blouses, business suits, and even certain formal outfits.

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