10 the New Classic Bags to Invest in ...


10 the New Classic Bags to Invest in ...
10 the New Classic Bags to Invest in ...

A classic bag is a must-have for every fashion conscious woman. Why? Because it's the perfect go-to bag. Classic bags are elegant and sophisticated but this season, designers are redefining the classic archetype. As a result, new handbags have marvelous modern twists that add to all that signature style. They are still timeless bags, most often found in neutral colors so that the focus is on your outfit or your accessories. However, they're subtly edgy and thus even more versatile. Take a look at these modern but classic bags and envision how easy it is to carry them to work, luncheons, cocktail parties, or dinner dates. You'll see!

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Minimalistic Tote Bags

Minimalistic Tote Bags The best way to keep it classic is to go minimal. If you want a classic bag that goes with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, choose an item that keeps the accents and details at a minimum. Let the handbag speak for itself, you know? Victoria Beckham's Victoria Leather Tote is an excellent example of what you need. Thanks to its sleek lines and elegant structure, it works with jeans and cardigans, skirts and blouses, business suits, and even certain formal outfits.


Understated Clutches

Understated Clutches Just because you're into classic bags doesn't mean you have to carry something larger than you need. Lots of clutches are classic, you simply have to look for understated pieces. As you can see, Chloe has a lot of them this season, especially in the Lucy series; however, there are also lots of affordable options from other designers and brands. Now, if you're looking for a bag that functions during daytime and evening events, you should still keep an eye out for something like this: in addition to providing a touch of luxe class, the shoulder straps are actually functional.


Textured Classic Bags

Textured Classic Bags One of the ways to take a classic purse and make it fresher and more modern is to play around with texture and structure. A little texture, whether you choose a bag made of leather, suede, or satin, goes a long way. It's all about the effect, which the Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc lizard-effect tote here demonstrates quite beautifully. Don't worry, there are many other less expensive examples, in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes. No matter what, a bag like this looks amazing with tailored trousers combined with feminine, even frilly tops, so try experimenting!


Simple but Dramatic Handbags

Simple but Dramatic Handbags Who says something can't be classic and dramatic at the same time? If you want a classic bag that still matches your personal style, and if your personal style embraces a little high drama and edge, there are plenty of choices for you. Look for something truly luxurious by checking out leather pieces like Alexander McQueen's De Manta leather tote, make sure there are some accents but not too many, and then make spectacular clothing choices to bring together your entire outfit. The great thing about a handbag that combines classic and dramatic elements is that you can wear it with skinny jeans and cardigans or a gorgeous colorblock dress, and it goes with both ensembles!


Classic Two-Tone Purses

Classic Two-Tone Purses It seems like most timeless handbags are either black or brown, right? I promise you, that's just a coincidence; just because something is classic doesn't mean that it can't be colorful, too. As you'll see, there are plenty of colorful purses from which to choose. In fact, two-tone handbags are ideal, especially when they pair subdued but stunning colors. Rochas combines dark, dark purple and olive green in this sleek lined tote, but you'll also see plenty of burgundy and light pink, navy and chocolate brown, or dark green and tan, among others. A two-tone bag is the perfect way to add stylish hues to a monochromatic outfit composed of black, grey, white, brown, or beige.


Sleekly Structured Bags

Sleekly Structured Bags Remember when I mentioned structure and texture earlier? Now we're down to structure! Sleek lined silhouettes and classic structures add a touch of modernity to any timeless piece. It doesn't have to be black, but black certainly highlights the style very well! I mean, just check out Gucci's tasseled leather tote here! It has plenty of up-to-date details, from the charming handle to the tassels to the silver hardware, yet it's entirely classic – and trust, there are plenty of similar bags waiting for you to discover them. A bag like this goes with pretty much anything, it works with any outfit, and it fits in with any occasion.


Classic Bags with European Inspirations

Classic Bags with European Inspirations Look for bags with European twists if you really want something classic. Chloe offers a perfect example of what to look for courtesy of the Alice leather tote, which is perfectly Parisian and beautifully British, all in one. I love totes like this, they work on a daily basis or as weekend bags, depending on what you need, and a lot of them feature this same two-tone look, so you actually get two trends in one!


Subtly Hued Handbags

Subtly Hued Handbags As long as you keep an eye out for subtle colors, then again, you can easily find a timeless handbag in something other than brown or black. Grey is a great alternative, especially if it's something soft like Miu Miu's textured-leather tote. Usually grey bags are accented by silver hardware, so the hold on this one really makes it pop. With a bag like this one, you'll also be able to make really bold color choices when it comes to your clothing and accessories. Don't keep it all down to blacks and whites, choose beige, camel, pink, red, or blue, too – you'll look amazing, and your bag will stand out on its own.


Classic Bags with Color Contrasts

Classic Bags with Color Contrasts Contrasting colors are another fantastic way to take a classic purse and make it brand new. There are lots of examples, but this Sporty Madame leather tote from Jil Sander is the best inspiration. From the smooth, supple, glistening leather to the pale pink accents, there's something fabulously French about this bag as well. It's cute, feminine, and wonderfully chic, so keep an eye out for purses with small hints of color like this one. You won't have to worry about what to wear with it or even where to carry it, because it looks incredible with burgundy leggings, a charcoal pencil skirt, or a stunning colorblock frock.


Polished Pastel Purses

Polished Pastel Purses Finally, if you're looking for a colorful classic bag, just think about going pastel. If dark dramatic colors aren't your thing and you want something brighter than just slight accents, then shop for something like Miu Miu's leather tote instead. Light, antique rose is a hot color this season, but there are also plenty of bags in mint green, pale tangerine, lilac, and lots of others. Just choose your favorite palette and make sure you look for something that has clean lines and lots of structure.

Every woman needs at least one classic bag but it's actually better to have several. Ideally, you should own one classic handbags in black, brown, and a subtle but still pleasing shade, like pink, champagne, peach, mint, buttery yellow, or grey. Theoretically, you'll then have the perfect bag for any occasion, although far be it from me to advocate restraint when it comes to purchasing weekend bags, totes, and evening clutches, too! Do you think these modern but classic bags have enough edge or do you prefer purses with more details?

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