7 Perfect Travel Bags You Should Own ...


7 Perfect Travel Bags You Should Own ...
7 Perfect Travel Bags You Should Own ...

Get away in style with these perfect travel bags you should own. From long hauls to short mini weekend trips, traveling has never looked better and when you have the right travel bag it’s never been easier too. There’s no need to sacrifice functional practicality and style with these perfect travel bags you should own, as these bags are stylishly smart for the avid or casual traveler.

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Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag The duffel bag is one of the most common travel bags you should own, and one of the most versatile too! The right duffel bag can take you from the gym to short overnight stays and flying out of town effortlessly. Its spacious interiors and sturdy, structural shape make the duffel bag an easy and classic pick for travelers worldwide. A duffel bag like the Dooney & Bourke one shown above priced at $198 won’t disappoint when it comes to a classic on-the-go bag, fit for all types of travel. You can find more chic, functional travel bags at Topshop, Longchamp, Marc Jacobs, Forzieri, Michael Kors and Mulberry in the $30 to $2,000 range.


Tote Bag

Tote Bag For a chic option for carry-on baggage, a tote bag fits the bill with its classic carryall structure. A roomy tote bag will serve you well with its multitude of uses and ultra-versatile functionality. Opt for a traditional tote bag in supple leather for a luxe finish to your travel bag. Not only will a tote bag be accommodating during your travels, but it will also suit your everyday lifestyle for heading to work or running errands.


Weekender Bag

Weekender Bag A weekender bag should be your go-to overnight bag for mini-trips or stay-cations anywhere. The weekender bag allows you to fit everything you need for a weekend away in one effortless and lightweight bag for easy transport. Look for a weekender bag with multiple or separate compartments to fit and store all your necessities and unmentionables simply and safely.


Doctor Bag

Doctor Bag One of the most iconic silhouettes created that has recently made its return to the accessory spotlight this season is the doctor’s bag. While the doctor may be out, you’ll definitely be in – in style that is – while traveling with this classic and strong structural bag in tow during your vacation. The doctor bag traditionally stems from a line of working men who needed spacious carryall bags to tote around from job to job and naturally the doctor bag is the ultimate accessory in convenient travel bags you should own. A doctor’s bag is user-friendly, unlike a bulky suitcase, and can be found in oversized proportions to suit your stylish traveling needs.


Satchel Bag

Satchel Bag For a sleek, city traveler look while on your getaway, sport a satchel bag with a cool aesthetic. Opt for a satchel bag complete with buckles and straps to adjust the space in your bag. Selecting a travel bag with an optional shoulder strap is perfect for hands-free movement and is especially useful on long hauls where your hands will get tired from holding everything. Satchel bags also have a classic, structured quality to them which you can transition into your everyday life by keeping a satchel bag in tow during working hours.


Shopper Bag

Shopper Bag A foldable shopper bag is ideal when it comes to maximizing space while traveling. Select a shopper bag in easy and lightweight materials like nylon for a compact solution that can be simply stored away when not in use. Lightweight, breezy materials are also super durable, offer supreme stretch and can weather all types of conditions, which is perfect for uncharted traveling territory.


Cross Body Bag

Cross Body Bag For when a hands free option is necessary, a cross body bag is a functional alternative that allows for maximum movement and comfort. The ever-practical cross body bag comes in all shapes and sizes to hold all your travel necessities with style and ease. Not only do cross body bags simplify life while traveling by cutting down on excess bulk and baggage, but they also allow you to keep your belongings near while navigating your way on crowded streets or bustling tours.

Whether you’re planning a weekend jaunt or dream vacation, these are the perfect travel bags you should own. From large duffels to carryall totes and hands-free options, these travel bags are ideal for maximizing style, comfort and ease while getting away. Which of these are your go-to travel bags? What other bags are perfect for traveling with?

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