7 Hot Tote Bags for 2013 ...


7 Hot Tote Bags for 2013 ...
7 Hot Tote Bags for 2013 ...

Have you found any amazing tote bags for 2013 yet? A chic tote was the most fashionable way to update a look at the Spring 2013 fashion week, and it’s a craze that’s set to continue all year. Designers have released whole collections dedicated to carrying everything you need with you; the tote is finally overtaking the clutch, and I can’t wait. Here’s some of the hottest tote bags for 2013 you should be holding…

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Metallic Cool…

Metallic Cool… Tote bags for 2013 don’t get much more chic than this! This Love Moschino tote combines classic woven detailing with a subtle yet chic coloring, and has a zip and inner pocket for security. It’s even got leather look handles and trims, to make it hard-wearing and comfortable to carry! At over $400 this version isn’t cheap, but there’s plenty of similar styles around. Just remember to stick to understated metallic shades for the most versatile look; this bag looks great with a nautical navy-and-white dress!



Geometric… This white leather bag has taken inspiration from the geometric and monochrome designs, and I love the finished product. It’s big enough to hold files, folders and notebooks without creasing the pages, and there’s plenty of pockets for separating your things out. The matte finish is chic and easy to clean, and I love all the zipped pockets: they are perfect for valuables or make-up. It’s casual enough to wear with anything, too, from everyday jeans and tees to little black dresses and gladiator sandals.



Lace… Lace was big on the catwalk, covering everything from skirts to shoes, coats to dresses, and even this bag. I love the blend of the everyday oatmeal color, which is easy to dress up with florals and maxis or down with jeans and blazers, and the laser-cut lace detail is feminine and striking. It’s a great contrast! I’ll be wearing this with floral maxi dresses and patterned maxi skirts and cute vest tops all summer long.


Bold Colors…

Bold Colors… This River Island bag is the perfect way to add a splash of color to any outfit. The salmon shade looks great next to almost any color, and the leather-look fabric is soft and classy…for only $50, this is a style essential. Use it to rock the double-denim look by carrying it with white skinny jeans, a vest top and a long-sleeved denim shirt left undone. It even opens wide enough to fit all your work or weekend away things in…put it on your wish list!


Texture Clash…

Texture Clash… What did you think of all the texture-clashing on the catwalk? It’s taken over the high-street now too, with leather patches, lace inserts and canvas squares appearing on almost every item. This bag is no different: the leather-look fabric contrasts perfectly with the woven panel, and I love the metal detailing. It’s another huge bag, with three large securable pockets, and it comes in either pink or white. If you fancy a bolder clash, try editing an old canvas or woven bag of your own and adding some bright leather patches.


Classic Hard…

Classic Hard… Looking for a classic, hard tote that you can wear with anything? River Island have created a new version of the timeless classic, featuring polished leather, curved corners and secure zips. The bag is strong enough to protect anything inside from impact, and I love the gold pyramid studs around the handles… I’ll be wearing this with everything from denim skirts and jumpers to stripy sundresses and casual jeans. Win.



Vintage… I was torn beween this gorgeous French Connection bag and the beautiful Warehouse chain…I think they are both amazing tote bags for 2013, and it’s so hard to choose! This one has just about won, though. It’s a beautiful, on-trend pastel yellow, and the woven straw is a great throwback to the vintage days. Just looking at it makes me want ice-cream at the beach! I’ll definitely be taking a bag like this on holiday to use with my bikini, and I’ll be wearing it with jeans and summer dresses, too. Versatile and very chic.

One thing I noticed about tote bags for 2013 is that they lack those bold, repetitive patterns that we are used to seeing everywhere. It seems patterns are best left for the clothes this season, and classic, quirky bags are a definite win. Which of these gorgeous tote bags do you love the most? I’d love to know!

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I'll have one of each!

ugliest set if handbags ever seen

Where can we get the white geometric one ?

Where is the white one from?

Small suggestion. If you are going to post an article like this..at least let us know where we can buy the items...

@modesty ugh seriously?! It's the only cute one and it doesn't even say the designer

Could you please tell me the name of the lace bag's designer?

2 is my style! :)

Where I can buy the white one?

The white one's from asos! Search ASOS premium leather tote bag!

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