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8 Best Carry-all Bags under 50 ...

By Sophia

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the best carry-all bags. A carry-all bag can be handy for lugging around our day to day necessities and some of the best carry-all bags can be bought on a budget. While mini-bags might be proving popular with the fashion crowd, sometimes we need to carry more than our smart phones and a tube of lipstick. Check out some of the best carry-all bags under $50, below.

1 Winged Bowler Bag

Winged Bowler BagIf you’ll be carrying a fair amount of stuff in your handbag, choosing one with a structured design might be the best way to go. This one by New Look costs around $35 and proves that the best carry-all bags don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The winged bowler style is very ‘in’ right now and you can pick up similar, affordable styles from stores like Forever 21 as well.

2 Studded Tote

Studded ToteAre you after an everyday bag with a little bit more of an edgy attitude? You can’t go wrong with some studded detailing. This chic tote is simple enough to be worn with a range of outfits but the studded detailing still sets it apart from the crowd. At just under $30 from forever Forever 21, it’s well worth looking into. The studded tote seems to be quite popular, with stores like ASOS also stocking similar versions.

3 Slouchy Bowler

Slouchy BowlerSlouchy bag styles will always be popular. A less-structured bowler bag is also the perfect option for more casual, everyday occasions. This bag is from Forever 21 and has top handles as well as a longer shoulder strap, so you can carry it more than one way. You can also check out Urban Outfitters and Aldo for other stylish, slouchy bags under $50.

4 Colourful Canvas Bag

Colourful Canvas BagInject some colour into your outfit with a brightly coloured bag. This duffel bag from Forever 21 costs $25 and comes in a fun neon-green colour with contrasting leather-look straps. It’s also available in pink. Duffel bags are great for school, the gym, or just as a casual everyday bag.

5 Hobo Bag

Hobo BagHobo bags are another great style of casual, slouchy bag. They’re a popular choice and plenty can be found under the $50 mark. This one costs around $30 from ASOS and you can find other similar styles by JCPenney and Mango.

6 Chain Link Bag

Chain Link BagChain link bags have a classic appeal. You don’t have to fork out the big bucks on a Chanel handbag either, with stores like Forever 21 and ASOS doing equally stylish yet much more affordable versions of chain link bags. The only problem with chain straps is that they can dig into your shoulders, so look for a bag with an alternate strap that you can use for carrying heavier loads.

7 Shopper Bag

Shopper BagShopper bags are a simple and stylish type of everyday carry-all bag. Choose one in a plain design so that you can easily wear it with a range of different outfits. This sporty looking shopper will set you back around$30 at Topshop. You can also find other shopper bags on a budget by ASOS, Mango, and Dorothy Perkins.

8 Backpack

BackpackBackpacks have had a comeback of sorts, and if there’s a time to wear them it’s right now! This canvas Baggu backpack comes in a fairly simple design and would look great teamed with jeans and a t-shirt or cute day dresses. Also check out American Apparel, Nasty Gal, and Urban Outfitters for a range of simple and stylish backpacks.

If you’ve got a lot to carry, these are just some styles of bags you might want to check out. Whether you prefer timeless and structured bags or those with a more casual edge, one thing that these bags all have in common is that they cost well under $50. Which of these bags do you prefer?

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