7 Charming Doctor's Bags for Fall ...


7 Charming Doctor's Bags for Fall ...
7 Charming Doctor's Bags for Fall ...

Although your doctor probably won’t be toting these around any longer, that doesn’t mean you need a PhD to sport the season’s most charming doctor’s bags for fall. Structured design and clean lines are the defining elements of a doctor’s bag with added character and visual interest, which has a vintage quality about it. This retro-inspired accessory was given a contemporary chic update this season with designers keeping true to its traditional physique while adding their own modern take on the bag. These versatile doctors bags for fall are charming classics that will last a lifetime in your handbag collection.

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Black Double Handle Doctor Bag

Black Double Handle Doctor Bag Top handle bags are an ode to retro 50s style dressing with structured design and feminine flair. The double strap offers versatility and a trendy take on an old favorite. The second strap is perfect for slinging over your shoulder when you need to be hands-free and on the go. A timeless black doctor bag will last you for seasons and trends to come without looking outdated. For a stylish spin on the classic shape opt for pieces with high polish shine for a luxe ladylike look or bags with interesting detail like the baby pink accents on this charming doctor’s bag.


Studded Doctor Bag

Studded Doctor Bag Staying to true to its shape is important when it comes to picking out a charming doctors bag for fall. The updated iconic silhouette should have its traditional uniform like square design and boxy shape, but should be made current with pocket compartments or metal accents for an up to date style. For an ultra-trendy way to wear, pair doctor’s bags with studded details and lustrous hardware with a menswear inspired outfit for an edgy spin on this time-honored trend. Donning a bag in a deep and prominent color will also make this charming trend fashion forward especially if selected in a rich, opulent berry or jewel tone for fall.


Front Flap Doctor Bag

Front Flap Doctor Bag A sturdy rectangular base and small handles are the features that stand out and call attention to doctor’s bags. When combined with spacious room and resilient frame, a doctor’s bag is a perfect travel companion. Whether its dual-usability is used for everyday wear at work or weekend getaways, a doctor’s bag will be able to fit all a woman’s unmentionables into one sophisticated and smart bag that serves style and function at the same time. If you’re not a traditionalist but still want that vintage doctor’s bag feel select a structured satchel with a front flap and turnlock closure for retro remix.


Traditional Doctor Bag

Traditional Doctor Bag A magnetic center clasp is a trademark feature of a traditional doctor bag as this functional accessory needed to be easy to open and close at a moments notice for the workingman. For a true return and revival of retro dressing, a simple sophisticated bag free of embellishments or accents will elevate your style status to refined elegance in a heartbeat. Demure in design but not dainty, a classic adornment free doctors bag will withstand the tests of time and will always seem trendy regardless of season.


Square Doctor Bag

Square Doctor Bag The right doctor’s bag has the ability to be minimalist in design and statement-worthy all at the same time, proving its lasting power in the world of fashion. Adding cool edgy elements like cutout designs, sleek hardware and thick handles are suitable ways to make this revival of this trend workable into your fall wardrobe this season. If you are not into oversized bags, you can still incorporate this doctor bag style into your collection by choosing bags that are squarer rather than rectangular with its signature floppy feature.


Red Pebbled Leather Doctor Bag

Red Pebbled Leather Doctor Bag Classic wardrobe pieces, as with the doctor bag, can receive instant revival this season if selected in bold, statement-making colours. An instant shot of colour makes for an uber-trendy way to wear a doctor’s bag this season and the bolder the better. Since most traditional doctor bags can stay true to their vintage vibe in muted or neutral color palettes, a bright color burst will leave no room for granny comparisons or outdated remarks about this charming bag for fall.


Mixed Material Doctor Bag

Mixed Material Doctor Bag Mixed materials add a luxe edge to accessories for fall. Not only do they look richly refined, doctor’s bags also have added visual interest when designed in mixed materials. A cool combination of leather and fur is lavish without being extravagant so this classic vintage piece can remain smart and polished.

To remedy your cold weather blues this season invest in a charming doctor bag for fall that will carry you through seasons to come. This essential investment piece cures all your trendy style ailments and adds a healthy dose of sharp sophistication suitable for everyday use. The doctor’s bag takes prominent shape this season with its structured design and classic vintage glamour for a true retro revival for fall. Will you be investing in this traditional shape this season?

Top Image Source: designers-artists.com

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I love doctor bags! Where are these from?

Yeah this post is kind of useless without where they are from and how to buy them.

Can you post where the bags are from and maybe even the price?

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