7 Great Ways to Organize Your Purses ...

If you're like me, you probably have plenty of bags, to the point that you have to find some better ways to organize your purses! Storing them on the floor of your closet or in storage bags under your bed will keep you from remembering what you own, and cause you to not use different bags as often. We love showing off our bags on our arm, so why not do the same thing in our closets! So here are 7 great ways to organize your purses to get you started!

1. Cubicle Storage

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Most of these ways to organize your purses can be used for both your bags and shoes. There are special cubicle storage racks that you can buy for your bags, or you can just use a rack that was intended for shoes. Cubicle storage is great because it allows you to group your bags together for easier viewing. You can either organize them by color, style, or size. Try to put your purse storage at or above eye level so you can see what you own quickly and easily!

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