7 Great Ways to Organize Your Purses ...


7 Great Ways to Organize Your Purses ...
7 Great Ways to Organize Your Purses ...

If you're like me, you probably have plenty of bags, to the point that you have to find some better ways to organize your purses! Storing them on the floor of your closet or in storage bags under your bed will keep you from remembering what you own, and cause you to not use different bags as often. We love showing off our bags on our arm, so why not do the same thing in our closets! So here are 7 great ways to organize your purses to get you started!

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Cubicle Storage

Cubicle Storage Most of these ways to organize your purses can be used for both your bags and shoes. There are special cubicle storage racks that you can buy for your bags, or you can just use a rack that was intended for shoes. Cubicle storage is great because it allows you to group your bags together for easier viewing. You can either organize them by color, style, or size. Try to put your purse storage at or above eye level so you can see what you own quickly and easily!


Closet Door Storage

Closet Door Storage If you don't have the space in your closet for more shelves or racks, try using an over the door purse organizer instead. Most come with adjustable hooks so you can move them to fit to any bags size and fit them all perfectly together. This is a great way to organize your purses because it gives you plenty of light and space to see all of your bags at once and decide which you'd want to wear. Plus it will save you from using shelf and closet space.


Hang with Shower Rods

Hang with Shower Rods Need a cheap and simple way to organize all your purses in your closet? Use shower curtain rings! The shower rings roll easily over the clothing rod and the larger circular clamps hold the bags without twisting their handles. Hanging your bags will help to clear up a few shelves as well as make them visible and easily accessible!


Hanging Organizer

Hanging Organizer If you want to hang your bags all in one space instead of separately, look into getting a hanging handbag organizer. Most hanging organizers can hold up to 10 bags while taking up not much closet space. If you like the idea of a hanging organizer but not using your regular closet space, try installing a new bar rod across the short distance from the back of your closet to the front to hang a couple of these on. Then you can have your own area in your closet just for your bags!


Clear Handbag Boxes

Clear Handbag Boxes Just like there are clear boxes for your shoes, there are also clear boxes for your purses! These are especially great for expensive designer bags that you want to keep looking clean and new. Stack them on a shelf in your closet for easy access and visibility. Some boxes even come with a see-through flap so you simple have to open the container like you would a cabinet and pull your bag out. Rather then taking the entire box down to open the lid.


Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers If you want to keep your bags up on a shelf you already have installed, just buy some shelf dividers. They way you can lean your bags upward next to one another. It will also allow you to divide your bags into different colors or styles so it's easier to find and choose the right one. Shelf dividers are super easy to find in home decor or department stores or you can get creative and make your own!


Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet Is your closet too small to use any of these ideas? Then may I suggest buying or using a cabinet to house your bags! This way, you can keep all your bags together and have them easily visible to you. If you have particularly colorful or stylish bags that you don't want kept behind closet doors, then use a book case instead of a cabinet to store your bags for everyone to see. Even better is if you can find a cabinet/drawer piece of furniture to keep most of your accessories in all together like your scarves, belts, and of course bags. It will clear up closet space for your clothing and shoes as well as give you a fashionista bag haven!

The better organized you are with your purses the more you will wear them and the longer they will last! Your handbags aren't doing you any good laying all over your closet floor or tucked away under your bed. The key is to make them visible and easily accessible so it doesn't seem like such a hard task to change up your bag to match your outfit perfectly! How do you keep your purses organized at home?

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Love it thank you

Love the hanging organizer. Never thought of that before. Thanks for this post! :)

How can i get the hanging organizer?! If you please! :)) i just loved it and wooden storage.. Both look amazing indeed

I love the clear boxes and the storage rack

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