8 Must-Have Green Handbags for Fall 2012 ...

By Lyndsie

8 Must-Have Green Handbags for Fall 2012 ...

Green bags are unusual. The color is just coming into its own, so up to this point, green handbags have been the exception rather than the rule. That's really a shame, because there are dozens of gorgeous shades on the green color wheel: mint; chartreuse; turquoise; hunter green; spruce. Once upon a time, green was my favorite color, and I used to have several lovely bags in various shades. For whatever reason, I stopped carrying them, but now that the color's back on trend, I might have to search for them again. Or I could always buy new ones – and so can you! See if any of these stunning green purses inspire you!

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1 Textured Green Leather Shoulder Bag

Textured Green Leather Shoulder Bag Since green bags come in so many colors, the first thing you need to do is decide if you want something really bright or understated. If you choose an understated shade like this one, which falls somewhere between emerald and chartreuse, then make sure something stands out. In the case of this Chloe bag, it's the snakeskin texture. It really gives the bag a lot of dimension, which makes the color pop that much more.

2 Modern Leather Shoulder Bag

Modern Leather Shoulder Bag With a brighter green bag, go with something modern. I love the lines on this Reed Krakoff, and lots of purses follow this example. Its lines are clean and concise, the shape is inventive, and you get some fun details by way of the straps and the clasp. Remember, while modern bags are all about sleek lines and shapes, always look for details that really catch the eye. Bonus points for versatility: this bag and those like it have removable straps, so there are many ways to carry them.

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3 Glossy Patent Green Clutch

Glossy Patent Green Clutch Green lends itself very well to patent leather but, again, you have to be careful when it comes to color choice. YSL realizes this, but so do lots of other designers and brands. This dark mossy green works for daytime or evening affairs, so you'll get a ton of use from a clutch like this. It looks great with any number of colors as well, especially if you pair matte clothing with matching patent leather shoes.

4 Neon Green Bag

Neon Green Bag Of course, neon green bags are incredibly trendy as well. If you go for neon, which really does pop, just make sure it has subdued details. Moschino has a wonderful example: the black trim offsets the brightness of the bag itself, and the gold mixes in perfectly. At the risk of mixing designers, a bag like this sort of reminds me of the perfect little Chanel suit. Don't be afraid to carry something like this for work or for play.

5 Two-Tone Green Clutch

Two-Tone Green Clutch The colorblock trend is still going strong, and as you can see, it works wonderfully with green handbags, too. This is another modern choice, as you can see by its clean lines and boxy, square shape. It's simple, chic, and elegant, but also incredibly fresh. Grass green goes wonderfully with black, and all you need is a little bit of hardware, like this simple clasp, to bring together the whole design.

6 Green Plaid Wool Bag

Green Plaid Wool Bag I'm a sucker for plaid, I can't help it. I'm also happy to say that plaid handbags are big this fall and winter. Stella McCartney isn't the only designer doing it, but she does it very well. Keep your details simple when you go with green plaid. Usually designers mix gold hardware and detailing when they focus on a green palette, so I love that, in this case, it's all silver. The strap is more than just a strap, and as a result, you get some really elegant, chic accents.

7 Satin Green Formal Clutch

Satin Green Formal Clutch Ever thought about pairing your little black dresses with green bags? Silk and satin lend themselves very well to certain shades of green. Usually, you'll see a darker hue, but YSL uses something lighter and brighter here. Something like this is the perfect accessory for a night on the town, down to the adorable, feminine shape and the small blinging accent at the clasp.

8 Glass-Bottle Green Tote

Glass-Bottle Green Tote And lastly, we have this gorgeous glass-bottle green handbag, which beautifully showcases a different shade. It's not all about neon, emerald, and hunter. Look for bags that share this color when you want something bright but not too flashy. The fact that it's a tote, and larger than normal, takes care of the rest.

Since green is such a versatile color, there are green bags for every level of personal taste and style. You can purchase several so that they fit all of your favorite color palettes, or choose just one to carry when the mood strikes you. Green is extremely flattering, however, and sure to garner attention, so bear that in mind when choosing your bag. What do you think about green purses, is this a trend you'd like to try?

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