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10 Bold YSL Bags ...

By Lyndsie

YSL bags are stylish, trendy, and very daring. Of course, they're also very, very expensive and I'll probably never to be able to afford one, but that doesn't stop me from compiling a list of which YSL bag – or, ahem, bags – I would run out and buy if I magically one the lottery (magical, because I don't actually play the lottery). I've come up with several choices, and here are my favorite bags from YSL. See if you like them too!

1 Large YSL Muse

Large YSL MusePrice: $1,550.00 at
This is one of my favorite YSL bags because of the shape and the overall design. It's kind of urban and sophisticated, but at the same time, something about it is incredibly unique. The rivets are awesome, and while you can get it in various colors, I love this bright shade of red – like a candy apple!

2 Large YSL Clutch

Large YSL ClutchPrice: $595.00 at
Of course, sometimes you just need a smaller YSL handbag – or clutch, as it happens. I love this little thing. I go gaga for anything silver anyway, and this one is so simple and chic. Yeah, it costs a lot – a LOT – but you'd be able to use it for years!


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3 Medium YSL Cabas CHYC

Medium YSL Cabas CHYCPrice: $1,895.00 at
Do you know what I love best about the majority of YSL bags? They celebrate the mating of function and fashion. There are so many designer bags that look amazingly cute, sure, but you can't actually use them for everything. This one looks great but it actually serves its function as well – and I'm so glad to see shades of blue represented.

4 Large YSL Muse Two

Large YSL Muse TwoPrice: $2,095.00 at
There's something incredibly retro about this YSL bag. YSL is really making the most of the color blocking trend, and it's definitely working. This bag doesn't overwhelm but neither is it boring, largely thanks to the boxy shape and its unique hardware.

5 Medium YSL Muse Two

Medium YSL Muse TwoPrice: $1,895.00 at
If you need something a little smaller, no worry! You can get the same trend in a smaller package. This smaller version of the multicolored Muse Two is easy to carry but still provides plenty of room for all the items you need to carry along with you every day.

6 Small YSL Easy

Small YSL EasyPrice: $2,495.00 at
Of all the bags from YSL I've seen, this one is hands down my favorite. I love the studded leather and the signature Y in the center. Since the studs are silver, gold, and bronze, the bag looks like a star spangled little wonder. Oh man, want, want, want – will probably never have! But still, it fulfills the part of my soul that likes to collect accessories to look at it.

7 Small YSL Dandy Shoulder Bag

Small YSL Dandy Shoulder BagPrice: $1,695.00 at
There's something about this bag I adore. I think it's just the color – it's so creamy, with just the right about of shine. The shape is cute, the size is cute, the color is lovely – that's it, I'm sold! The best part is that this is so neutral, you can wear it with just about any outfit.

8 YSL Dandy Flap Bag

YSL Dandy Flap BagPrice: $2,095.00 at
See? Red is really popular right now; lots of YSL handbags highlight the color. This one is kind of rust red with undertones of orange, so it looks beautiful with the gold hardware. It's incredibly versatile as well, since you can also use it as a cross-body bag.

9 YSL Reversible Large Tote

YSL Reversible Large TotePrice: $1,495.00 at
Lots of YSL bags are also blue this season. This one happens to be both: navy on one side, red on the other. Talk about versatility, I love the ability to flip a bag inside out and have something new. I like the shape of this one as well, and the handles are adjustable so you can make them work best for you.

10 Large YSL Roady

Large YSL RoadyPrice: $1,495.00 at
Talk about bold YSL handbags, this one is definitely daring. All those colors! This one won't work for everyone, true, but if you love vivid colors and have a thing for orange, it's definitely the way to go. It's extremely nautical, crisp, and clean, so it makes a fantastic summer bag as well.

I love the overall shape of YSL bags, the way so many are rounded without being too bulky or ostentatious. I love how the colors are somewhat standard – red, navy, beige/cream – but they aren't boring. Do you think you'd like an YSL bag, or something from another designer? Do tell!

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