10 Great Stores 🏪 to Shop 🛍 for Purses 👛 when You Can't Afford 💰 Designer ...


There’re some great little stores to shop for purses that I want to tell you about. If you’re a gal like me, who loves designer purses but can’t always afford them, then this article is for you. These stores to shop for purses offer choices that’re stylish, decent quality and sometimes even remind you of designer choices. These shops definitely have cute choices when it comes to bags.

1. Lulu’s


Lulu’s is a lovely little online boutique that I check out frequently. They offer a decent number of purses and they’re all very fashionable, making this one of the great stores to shop for purses. Their prices are certainly better than the price of designer purses. Every once in a while you’ll come across a purse on this site that reminds you of a designer style but not so much that it appears that’s the goal. It’s more that they capture the flair of designer purses for a fraction of the cost.

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