9 Stylish Bucket Bags to Top off Your Slouchy Outfits with ...

Bucket bags are great for topping off a casual outfit. Bucket bags typically have a cocoon ''bucket' shape and drawstring closure. It’s their relaxed, slouchy design that makes them the perfect accessory for creating a cool off-duty look. Check out our list of bucket bags that would be perfect for topping off your stylishly slouchy everyday outfits.

1. Studded Bucket Bag

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Bucket bags come in all sorts of designs and sizes, but you can’t beat a basic black number. Choose one with studded details for that extra cool factor. This bucket bag will set you back around $30 at Forever 21. It’s very much in the style of the popular Alexander Wang β€˜Diego’ bucket bag but at a fraction of the cost! Wear it with cut-off denim shorts, a slouchy t-shirt, and lace up boots for a festival-friendly outfit.

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