7 Handbag Tips That All Ladies Should Remember ...


A handbag is my favorite accessory of all time, even more so than shoes, so Iโ€™ve got a few handbag tips to share with you to help you enjoy this essential accessory a bit more.

Handbags can make such a wonderful statement for your outfit, but my favorite part about them is how functional they are.

They allow me to carry all my essentials around, while also giving me a fashion accessory at the same time.

Next time you buy a handbag, you need to remember a few handbag tips when choosing and carrying your handbag so you get the best benefits from them.

Check out what they are and let me know if you have a handbag tip of your own!

1. Keep It Light

One of my first handbag tips is to keep it light, as best as possible anyway.

Donโ€™t throw everything under the sun in your handbag.


Because youโ€™re only carrying it with one shoulder or one arm.

Unbalanced weight on your body can cause a variety of joint and muscle issues.

You can greatly damage your shoulders and even create a hinged back over time if your handbag is constantly heaving and increasing the workload of your back and shoulders.

Your handbag should not be like a book bag, but instead, a simple accessory that holds a few essentials.2

Clean It Regularly
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