8 Super Stunning Weekend Bags ...


I'm currently looking at weekend bags, as I like to travel light.

I'm pretty good at packing as much as I can get into a case, so a weekend bag is no challenge for me.

Plus you can save on baggage costs when you fly short-haul.

What I've discovered is that there are some really stunning weekend bags around โ€“ have a look at these compact beauties โ€ฆ2

1. Victoria Beckham Leather Tote

Victoria Beckham Leather Tote

Price: $3,250 at net-a-porter.com

I love this Victoria Beckham tote bag (although admittedly not its eye-watering price tag) for its classic, simple design.

It's easily big enough to fit in enough for a weekend, although small enough to use as carry-on luggage.

Although if you could afford this, you wouldn't need to worry about the price of the plane ticket!

2. Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Price: $400 at net-a-porter.com

This Michael Kors bag is a bargain โ€ฆ relatively speaking!

Again, it's a good size, and has a detachable strap if you prefer to sling a bag across your body.

It also has a cute little tag.

This bag just screams quality and if you use weekend bags a lot might just be worth the investment.

3. Diane Von Furstenberg Duffel Bag

Diane Von Furstenberg Duffel Bag

Price: $115 at saksfifthavenue.com

How pretty this Diane von Furstenberg bag is!

It comes in two different flower prints, one in coral, the other blue.

The bag is ideal if you want to pack a weekend bag in your suitcase for all those extra purchases, as it folds down.

It would also make a very stylish bag to hold your gym kit.

4. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

Price: $1300 at saksfifthavenue.com

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to style, and a great source of simple bags is to look among those designed for men.

This Ferragamo bag fits the bill admirably.

It's beautifully unfussy, and an excellent example of the "less is more" philosophy.

Somehow I can just imagine the likes of George Clooney carrying this, which is enough to make me want to buy it!

Bric 21ยป Rolling Duffel Bag
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