7 Designer Bags I Would Never Ever Buy ...


7 Designer Bags I Would Never Ever Buy ...
7 Designer Bags I Would Never Ever Buy ...

Not all Designer Bags are made to be coveted by simply everybody, not all can be universally loved and, although some designer bags you’ll find on this list are actually pretty popular, they still are THE bags I’d never buy, no matter how much money I had and how many celebrities have been photographed carrying them. So, are you prepared to get really surprised? Are you prepared to maybe even discover at least one person on this world has a taste that’s similar to your own? Well, check out this list of 7 designer bags this fashionista right here doesn’t heart:

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Hermes Birkin

Hermes Birkin Call me crazy or even blind if you want but I wouldn’t be prepared to cough up that ridiculous sum of money just so I could carry a Birkin around. No way, not even if I were sleeping on money, tripping over money or had a garden full of money trees! I don’t mind the “serious”, big-girl bags – I even like those, it’s just that I really don’t really see anything WOW in it. The style is rather average, I’d dare to say even granny-like, and although it really seems like a very classy practical day bag, I can but notice that there are many other, waay more beautiful Hermes bags as well as other designer bags that could serve the same purpose. The only thing the Birkin has it its famous “Birkin style” and of course, a status-declaring (or, better yet, status-screaming) price tag to go with it.


Louis Vuitton Speedy

Louis Vuitton Speedy Epi Speedy is indeed a sight for the sore eyes and a bag any girl could work with pretty much every single thing she has in her closet so, before you Vuitton fans start screaming “Off with her head”, let me just point out that I don’t hate Speedy per se, but the materials and colors most of them are available in. First of all, I absolutely detest the flashy monogram, think the other tapestry-like print is even worst and find the “does not hold its shape” remark quite disturbing. I saw it almost empty and squished under one girl’s arm – not a pretty sight. I saw it over-stuffed and noticed the bottom is sagging a bit – that didn’t impress me either. Then I asked the third girl (which also happened to be the only one of those three that I personally know) how does she keep her canvas Speedy looking so neat and perfect and she told me that she places a notebook or a planner on the bottom to make sure the weight is distributed evenly! Nice trick indeed – but what if I don’t want to carry any extra weight to compensate for something that, in my humble opinion, is a design error?


Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Next on my list of designer bags I wouldn’t be buying even in case a distant aunt of my father’s mother’s brother happens to be of royal line, dies of old age and decides to leave of her money to me is the famous and much loved Louis Vuitton Neverfull. The straps are just too thin for its size which makes it look like a reusable let’s-save-the-planet-and-ditch-plastic shopper, plus it has no zipper which makes the paranoid part of my personality believe it’s not the ideal one to be carrying your wallet and personal technology in. And, since carrying stuff is what bags actually do, I must admit the paranoid part of my personality does make a pretty good point. Designer bags should be useful, after all…. or…Should they?


Chanel Cambon Tote

Chanel Cambon Tote Okay, well this certainly might come off too strange, especially because it has to do with my dislike for one of the most popular designer bags – Chanel Cambon Tote. I don’t like it any color combination and, well, that pretty much goes for any Cambon bag. Sure, the authentic bag and the fake ones (both of which I had a chance of seeing) can compare in terms of quality and craftsmanship but the end result it pretty much the same, in my opinion. A bit immature-looking, too flashy in a bad way and, as far as I’m concerned, not at all worth that cash. And with so many other truly gorgeous Chanel bags to lust about, I doubt I’ll ever learn to appreciate this one.


Christian Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag

Christian Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag Good old saddle has been one of my favorite small day bags ever since I saw Carrey toting her blue denim one. That, unfortunately can’t be said for the good old Gaucho whose beauty I keep failing to see, despite the fact that it actually managed to become one of the celebrity IT bags. I like hobos and I also like bags that resemble hobos, I like them with shiny hardware and tarnished looking one. I also like them smooth and I like them distressed but this is the most beat-up looking bag I saw in a long time. Sorry ladies, but I don’t think this is the bag that could chic-up an outfit, in fact, I believe this is the bag that will make a perfectly chic outfit say “Oh, this? It just happened to find myself wearing it when I woke up this morning …it has a tiny ketchup stain and a faint smell of vomit but I was in a hurry so it just had to do.”

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Chanel Naked Bag

Chanel Naked Bag Nope, it’s not a complimentary gift for people who spend more than 300 bucks on Chanel beauty products and fragrances - this plastic number actually costs money and a whole lot of money, if you ask me. It retailed for about 800-900 bucks, I’m not really sure so if you ever wanted to make something as private and intimate as the contents of every woman’s bag totally public, this bag was the ideal way to do so. No wonder they called it a naked bag – I’d rather run up and down the street naked than get caught dead carrying this cheap-looking thing! Chanel or not, it’s still horrendous!


Marc Jacobs Tassel Knapsack

Marc Jacobs Tassel Knapsack Okay… well, as much as I love Marc, his totally awesome style and, of course, his designs, I must admit he had really taken it too far this time! What the heck is this? You know, I never thought designer bags would deserve to be called ugly, yet alone “fugly” but this one is just beyond fugly! It’s like a intergalactic fugly queen of all fugly bags in the universe! Now, could you even think of an outfit to go with it? I doubt I have anything in my closet that could match its ugliness and, believe me, I’m still holding on to some totally ridiculous outfits that date back from my crazy teenage days!

Are there any particular designer bags you dislike to the point where you start questioning your own taste or sanity? I believe many people simply can’t understand why I can’t see the beauty in some of these famous, very popular designer bags and, as for the rest of the bags on this list… well, I bet you’ll understand why they deserved to be included.

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Well...everyone has a right to their opinion and can respectfully agree to disagree. I have the Louis Vuitton speedy and the Neverfull and will be purchasing the delightful. I love the two I have and I have no regrets in my decision to own them. #YOLO ✌🏾️

I LOVE my neverfull!!

i agreee wt the birkin bag!! totally nothing to wow at..

i love the birkin bag u guys are crazy... not a fan of louie and chanel , too frikin overrated .

wish there were pictures to go with each one

I agree with you !!! Especially for the chanel naked bag and the marc jacobs tassel knapsack they are so ugly !

Ok some of them r not worth the look but you can't touch the hermes bag a girl can still dream.🌱

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