7 Designer Bags I Would Never Ever Buy ...

Not all Designer Bags are made to be coveted by simply everybody, not all can be universally loved and, although some designer bags you’ll find on this list are actually pretty popular, they still are THE bags I’d never buy, no matter how much money I had and how many celebrities have been photographed carrying them. So, are you prepared to get really surprised? Are you prepared to maybe even discover at least one person on this world has a taste that’s similar to your own? Well, check out this list of 7 designer bags this fashionista right here doesn’t heart:

1. Hermes Birkin

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Call me crazy or even blind if you want but I wouldn’t be prepared to cough up that ridiculous sum of money just so I could carry a Birkin around. No way, not even if I were sleeping on money, tripping over money or had a garden full of money trees! I don’t mind the “serious”, big-girl bags – I even like those, it’s just that I really don’t really see anything WOW in it. The style is rather average, I’d dare to say even granny-like, and although it really seems like a very classy practical day bag, I can but notice that there are many other, waay more beautiful Hermes bags as well as other designer bags that could serve the same purpose. The only thing the Birkin has it its famous “Birkin style” and of course, a status-declaring (or, better yet, status-screaming) price tag to go with it.

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